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In less than two months, Fast fans will stream into cinemas nationwide for the much anticipated Furious 7, but it will be impossible for the premiere of Paul Walker's final Fast movie to be anything but bittersweet.

In a deep moment of reflection on his Facebook page yesterday, Vin Diesel made a poignant realization about his late 'Brother Pablo' and thoughtfully shared it with his fans.

Since Paul's tragic death in November 2013, the Fast Family have made it their priority to do everything within their power to make [Furious 7](movie:264263)[Furious 7](movie:264263)a movie that would have made Paul proud, but after watching the final cut, Vin realized things had turned out a little differently.

Instead, Vin had a revelation that it was actually Paul who had made them proud with his "timeless performance."

While this will surely make fans more eager to see the movie, I can't help but worry about how Paul's family and the Fast crew are holding up at this deeply emotional time.

Stay strong, big man, and we will all be there to support you in spirit on April 3.

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