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The stupendously talented YouTube user Madeyewlook is a woman of many faces - literally.

The 21-year-old self taught make-up artist has got some super impressive tricks up her sleeve, able to transform herself into famous pop culture characters, as well as indulging in some more abstract - yet equally impressive - original designs!

The highly skilled artist always knew she was different, but she's gradually learned to appreciate and harness those differences, rather than let them bring her down:

This channel was made by a weird redheaded soul, with a passion for art, and who felt like an alien most of the time on this planet. I created madeyewlook in hopes to find other creative oddballs like myself, and MAN, WAS I SHOCKED! I can honestly say I am so grateful to have so many supporters on this channel, and admiring my art and creativity. I love inspiring others, and most importantly, I love being weird/me.

Well, you have my full support to keep being you, especially if that means more incredible designs like these!

Borderlands Psycho Mask

This video game inspired look captures the cell-shaded style of the Borderlands perfectly!

Creepy Snow-Woman

I love this Nightmare Before Christmas-esque look, but it's pretty terrifying!

Feral Reptile

How did she get her scales to look so realistic? I guess I'll have to watch her videos...

Demon Clown

Okay, now all my childhood fears are coming streaming back.

And one for all you romantics out there...

A special dark rose style just in time for Valentines Day!

You can catch her tutorial on how to replicate this fabulous look - as well as all the others featured in this article - HERE.


Which make-up transformation is your favorite?


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