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One of the marks of a great film is that even years after it was released it's still so popular that people are still interested and talking about it. Today the cartoonist over at Berkeley Mews is not only talking about some of the greatest films from history, but he has honored some of our favorite movies by making them into extremely funny three and four cell comic-strips, I gotta be honest - it's made a lot of them a lot darker (and funnier!).

Take a look and see if they make you laugh, or cry:

Toy Story - The later years

Whoa this kind of dedication really puts a whole new meaning in the lyrics from "You've Got a Friend in Me":

And as the years go by, our friendship will never die. You're gonna see it's our destiny, you've got a friend in me


Pinocchio - Till death do us part

At least they went out together, son burning father to a charcoal crisp. This is what happens when you tell lies Pinocchio!

Superman - Impossible to buy for

Worst person to try and buy a surprise gift for, ever! Not to mention you could never tell what he might be looking at....

Mission Impossible - The last mission

I think you misunderstood the mission, Tom.

The Little Mermaid - The dark side of the ocean

I'm sure his family misses him and all, but to be honest I'm not sure that Dale is getting a totally bad deal...

Aladdin - The loophole

Rule number one of Genie granting wishes is that he can't kill anybody, but that doesn't mean he can't kill himself (after all he doesn't really have a body, right?)

Transformers - Such helpful automobiles

From life to death having a Transformer robocar could be so helpful!

Cinderella - What could have been

This from a lesson on how to make movies shorter and much less satisfying!

What movie comic-strip made you laugh the most? Tell me below!

Source: Berkeley Mews via Imgur


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