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Growing up, Disney films taught us many many life lessons including things such as who we should trust, how we should act, what we were (and are!) capable of. Their positive messages are the perfect way to get messages across and still be entertaining for children to watch.

However if you look at some Disney movies in a slightly different way, it's totally possible to find all kinds of other life lessons and messages, some that might not be entirely what Disney wanted us to learn! All six of these messages are not meant to be taken seriously and are totally tongue-in-cheek, so why don't you submit us your own alternative Disney life lesson in the comments!

Check out 6 weird and wonderful life lessons Disney taught us:

1. Killing someone is a kind of effective way of dealing with problems

Killing or planning to kill an enemy seems to be the course of action many Disney villains try to take, and in some cases disposing of your problems in a gruesome manner seems to work - at least for awhile. Kill your own enemy today and improve your life!*

*Long term results not guaranteed.

2. Use a condom

Nice simple message from 101 Dalmatians for all the potential parents out there!

3. No matter your age, toys are your friends

You know, Andy's mom probably had a Buzz and Woody of her own as well.

4. Having crabs isn't all bad

No, sometimes crabs are brilliant calypso-pop singers. Give crabs a second chance.

5. If something is glowing or bright, always touch it

This tactic will never backfire on you, and say, bring the wrath of a giant Beast upon you, or send you into a deep slumber, nope, definitely not.

6. Be careful what you wish for

Cinderella just wanted one night away from the cooking and cleaning, and what did she get? A lifetime of cooking and cleaning for yet another person, Prince Charming.

Do you know any other slightly weird Disney life lessons? Tell me HERE!

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