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Christian Grey's hedonistic lifestyle of private jets, unrestrained sex and exuberant wealth may be something we fantasize about only in our wildest dreams - but for most it's a far cry from reality.... Until now!

Much to the excitement of 50 Shades fans everywhere, you can now stay in the BDSM-obsessed billionaire's apartment in Seattle, and it'll only set you back a relatively reasonable $260 per night.

Insert your face here.
Insert your face here.

But before we take a look at what exactly is on offer, let's get a little sexual chemistry bubbling to its boiling point!

Sufficiently hot under the collar now? Good.

The luxury Escala building - the location for the filming of E.L. James' raunchy adaptation - must now be one of the sexiest buildings on earth, and will forever be remembered as the place where Anastasia Steele lost her innocence.

If only the walls could talk...

You can buy your very own Christian Grey style apartment in the Escala building for a cool $1 million, but for those of us who aren't inordinately wealthy playboys, AirBnB offer a week-long stay of indulgence for just under $1000, which isn't half bad!

Where the magic happens

The listing dictates there's a minimum stay of three nights in the apartment - I'm sure that's enough time for you to think of something to do...

Treat yourself

Guests also get access to the building's top quality spa, perfect for you and your partner to spend some quality time before heading upstairs...

Viewing party

The Escala even boasts a private cinema room for a very special 50 Shades of Grey screening!

A (forbidden) taste of luxury

What do you think? It's certainly one way of spicing up your love life with a bit of real life role play!

The steamy movie hits theaters on February 13.


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