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Oh no, Nina! That looked like it really hurt!

Stepping out of a private plane the other day, it looks like the The Vampire Diaries star's feet suddenly lost their purpose as she tripped on the steps and fell dramatically to the ground, arms flailing about in the air.

Luckily the star wasn't hurt and was able to laugh off the incident by directly posting the video onto her Instagram in slow-motion! The fact that she makes fun of her own clumsiness makes it even more hilarious!

Watch her almost fall flat on her face in the video below:

Her facial expression is priceless!

She captions the video:

I'll do anything for a laugh.

Absolute gold, indeed. Yet, don't think the hilarity ends there guys! Clearly Nina was so amused by her inability to stand on her own two feet that she posted another video straight after, documenting the security-guards dumbstruck reaction.

Bless him! As he goes to make sure she's alright, he just can't believe what he just witnessed. Was that really a Hollywood starlet being incredibly UNgraceful!?

Nina, the ultimate babe that she is, naturally recovers like a pro and goes on about her business as if the tumble was intended to happen all along! What a goofball!

For more of her monkeying around, check out one of her blooper trailers:

So funny!


What did you think of the epic fall!?



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