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Without a doubt, the newly released clip for episode 13 of the [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) Season 6 raises some very interesting questions, namely what is actually going down between "Delena?"

As ever, for those of you not up to date with our favorite vamps, be warned that there are...


In the sneak preview for "The Day I Tried to Live," not only do Damon and Elena finally address their steamy encounter in the previous episode, but they exchange some seriously seductive glances, culminating in a rather saucy act involving cupcakes!


Now, before you guys fall off your seats with excitement, let me take you through the build-up of sexual tension step-by-step:

As Elena arrives with groceries for Bonnie's birthday celebrations, she bumps into Damon in the kitchen. She notices the party cupcakes on the table and asks if she can "sneak one" without Caroline noticing. Naturally, one cheeky look leads to another and the next thing she knows he's seductively feeding it to her!

And then of course, ever the gentleman, Damon wipes the frosting off her lip.

Is this normal ex behavior? I think not, but then this is GREAT so who cares!

Elena then treads water carefully by saying “you know, we never talked about the fact that you kissed me” to which Damon replies:

“And you kissed me back . . . I know, that’s the whole point of kissing so we don’t have to talk about it.”

Before they know it, the scene ends with another electric "Delena" make-out session.

Watch the full teaser and indulge in some serious Hollywood chemistry:

Do you think Elena and Damon should give it another shot? Let me know!


Should "Delena" get back together?



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