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Last week Julie Plec teased that Kai could become a main character on The Vampire Diaries and now it seems like the long process of making him a more sympathetic and relatable character has already began.

In my last article about Kai, I theorized that it would take a lot for us to change our minds about the troubled witch, but if he actually saves Bonnie and makes amends with Jo, could that be enough to redeem him? And, more importantly, how could Kai fit into the dynamics of the current Mystic Falls posse?

In this article, I am going to examine the pros of welcoming Kai into the fold for good to try and help the fans who are (understandably!) blinded by hatred to consider Kai in a role as a main character.

A History of Redemption

I know it might seem impossible for Kai to be redeemed right now, but The Vampire Diaries is excellent at totally transforming the way that we view the characters over time. I mean, how many times have we forgiven Damon for murder?!

As Daphne Shelton mentioned in the last article, flashbacks of Kai being ridiculed and psychologically abused in his old coven could alter the way we see him as a person and pave the way for him to become a more likable person

A New Love Interest

The Vampire Diaries is all about romance, but there hasn't been a new serious love interest in a long while. Sure, we have our guest characters coming in like Jo, but we can never really sink our teeth into the relationships involving them.

A new main character could open up a whole lexicon of possible passionate romances, and you can't deny it would be interesting to see how Kai would be behind closed doors in a loving relationship.

Plus, there's no denying he's hot!

A Snake in the Grass

Is it just me or has everyone in The Vampire Diaries got a bit too nice these days? I love a bit of cloak and dagger deception, and Kai couldn't be better suited for backstabbing shenanigans! He would certainly be better at it than Enzo anyhow...

Witchy Warlock

You've got to admit it, the witches have the most badass powers on The Vampire Diaries and Liv and Luke (R.I.P.!) have never managed to match the supremely badass Bonnie with their powers.

If Kai was allowed some time to develop his powers and become a true witchy warrior, we could look forward to some more epic scenes and Bonnie would have a battle partner.

Someone to Love to Hate

Now Katherine is gone, we really need someone to love to hate, and I think Kai is witty enough to fit into that role nicely!


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