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When you buy a piece of jewelry, especially vintage, you'd like to think it has a long and fantastical story behind it. Like it was passed down through a family line for generations and then lost in a chance incident, maybe it holds a secret and terrible power that only you can control or, perhaps, a fragment of the soul of Voldemort.

You want it to feel lived and be able to aid the wowing of friends when they regale you with wide eyed and excitable questions over your new piece. That's where jeweler Theo Fennell comes in, who has created a series of rings that quite literally tell a tale on each exquisitely and intricately designed piece.

Based on pop culture icons such as The Wizard Of Oz and Narnia, each ring has a tiny secret world inside waiting for you to explore. Let's have a look at some examples...

Black Diamond Castle Ring

Hand crafted in 18ct Yellow Gold with a 23.88ct Black Diamond that is surrounded by more diamonds, this ring includes a retractable draw bridge complete with chain mechanism and epic castle gate!

'Over The Rainbow' Opening Ring

Comprising of 18ct Yellow Gold and set with Pave Diamonds, this wonderfully handcrafted piece's Rock Crystal Dome opens up to reveal a pot of gold under a hand painted rainbow. And two faux-wooden doors, on either side of the ring, open up displaying a wonderfully picturesque day in the country.

The Opening Wardrobe Ring

Once again comprising of 18ct Yellow Gold and diamonds, this Narnia influenced ring has three meticulously crafted boxes atop it - a hat box, a gun case and a suitcase which when opened reveals a spider!

These are just a few of the rings and jewelry Theo Fennell's site has to offer, there are some other examples of great work that are available for purchase. But with intricate design comes a great price. One of the rings was priced at a staggering £20,000 ($30,657)! That's pretty intense, but if you have the money at your disposal, I guess this could be a legit way of investing it.

With any other piece of jewelry, you'll have to contact them for pricing details. A good way of not scaring potential customers away!

Or, you know, charity.

(Source: Theo Fennell)


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