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The Stargate franchise is currently steadying itself for its jump back onto cinema screens, and has managed to ensnare two screenwriters along the way.

The reboot, first mentioned last year, sees the return of original director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin (the original screenwriter) and will be the first of a trilogy, planned since the release of Stargate in 1994.

The team of actors/screenwriters, Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods, who worked with Emmerich and Devlin on the forthcoming Independence Day sequel are in the final processes of negotiation which is indication that the four guys had a good time on ID2. Which hopefully means that ID2 will be as great as I hope, deep down in the middle of my nostalgia center. Oh, please be good!

james A. Woods, left, and Nicolas Wright
james A. Woods, left, and Nicolas Wright

The writing team also had starring roles in Emmerich's White House Down, though Woods' part was unfortunately left on the cutting room floor. Gutted.

So this plus Emmerich's upcoming gay civil rights drama Stonewall, set during the events of the 1969 riots in New York City, and pre-production work on ID2 makes him a very busy man!

I couldn't be any more exited about the Stargate reboot, the 1994 iteration was one of my favorite films as a kid and the series, especially SG1, were very entertaining indeed. Here's hoping the movie retains some of the steam from those!

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