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The premier of the second half of Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is basically upon us! The world rejoices! To celebrate the return, Entertainment Weekly has made Daryl Dixon A.K.A. Norman Reedus their covergi- er, coverMAN of the month! Take a look at the cover for yourself:

Looking good Daryl, even in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world.

To go with the magazine, Reedus prepared an awesome private tour of his trailer from the set of the show! The 46-year-old actor showed us all the odds and ends that he keeps in the trailer that he relaxes in when he's not running around shooting walkers in the head. Take a look at some of the highlights:

His collection of fan art and figurines

Pretty soon into the tour you realize Norman Reedus definitely likes having so much cool Walking Dead merchandise.

A medal from a local fan

Norman shows a photo and a medal that a local fan, Sean, gave to him to put in his trailer. Sean often comes to the set, and it's so cool that Norman Reedus is so beloved by his fans that they give him their medals - which he proudly displays in his trailer!

Rick and Norman dolls

Sheriff Rick doesn't look like a guy to mess with, and the Norman doll is a little odd looking too!

Amazing fan art!

How awesome does this look? It was on the back of a package he received, and obviously was too cool to throw out.

Weird baby head from Melissa McBride and THE VEST!

While that baby head is creepy, that vest is ah-ma-zing.

A whip?!

According to Norman, it's the best way to wake up in the morning....

"The infamous silicon breast implant"

There's a weird story behind this which Norman told on Conan in 2013. Apparently a female fan read in an interview that he sounded depressed and so she sent him her silicone breast implant to cheer him up?! You can watch the interview over here.

He has a very empty fridge mostly filled with instant noodles

Not really sure why these needed to be refrigerated either, but I guess it's as good a storage place as any!

He stole these super expensive headphones from Steven Yeun

Those are some pretty nice looking Sennheiser headphones (they can retail for hundreds of dollars) that were apparently sent to Steven Yeun but stolen by Norman Reedus! Cheeky!

Watch him give us the whole tour here:

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Source: Entertainment Weekly


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