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[The Walking Dead](series:201193) returns on Sunday evening, and it promises to bring with it a very interesting eight episodes. The group is now back on the road after leaving Terminus, Father Gabriel's church and Grady Memorial Hospital, and they are more vulnerable than ever, not only because they're mourning the loss of Beth and Bob, but also because they're not on foot, exposed and directionless.

This new dangerous environment in which the group will have to rely on each other for survival more than ever before got me thinking: which 5 members of the team would I pick as my apocalypse buddies? Below I've picked my top 5 in terms of their usefulness. Bear in mind this is all my opinion, and yours may totally differ, which is actually perfect because I'd love you to leave me a comment with your top 5 at the end of the article.

Check out who I've picked and see if you agree:

1. Daryl Dixon

Let's cut straight to the chase, Daryl is a given. This bad-ass just gets the job done. He's nearly always got someones back, he's obviously got a heart of gold under that tough exterior, and even more than that he protects the weaker and more vulnerable members of the group with no hesitation. It was back in Season 2 when he just wouldn't stop searching for Sophia when I realized this is a guy you want on your side. Unlike some characters in the show, he really hasn't wavered from that caring way of thinking over the last 5 seasons, and in fact he's even begun taking steps to better and heal himself. The only downside might be that conversation is likely to be one sided, Daryl is a man of few words.

2. Michonne

The Samurai Michonne is a woman born to survive in this world. If you need any further proof then you only need to recall Season 3 when she looked after a weak and ill Andrea throughout a whole winter. Aside from her physical prowess, Michonne is also a very good and quick judge of character, quickly noting that The Governor was not a man to be trusted, despite everyone around her believing the opposite. Her instincts and fast mind would be an asset to any one so lucky as to have her by their side in a zombie apocaplypse.

3. Sgt. Abraham Ford

This might be a little controversial considering he's a new-ish character, but you can't go passed Abraham as a strong contender for apocalypse buddy. He's strong, fit and seems to put a lot of faith in people whom he befriends. Abraham seems to like to have an objective in sight, so you know that you wouldn't just be wandering around merely trying to survive, you would have an end destination in mind. Of course Abraham does also have anger issues, so he would not be a apocalypse buddy to get on the wrong side of, though if you were able to get on with him then I believe his pros outweigh his cons.

4. Glenn Rhee

Alright, I know I might have a lot of people wondering why on earth I put Glenn here instead of someone like Carol or Tyreese, and honestly I wouldn't have included Glenn until seeing Season 4 and 5a of the show when he started asserting himself more and more. Glenn may not be a born leader like Rick or Abraham, or as physically able as Daryl and Michonne, but I do think he is a great asset to have on your team. Glenn is a perfectly good shot, right hand man, conversationalist and ideas man. He would be an asset to any group he was a part of during an apocalypse, constantly learning more and gaining more skills.

5. Rick Grimes

I've saved Rick for last because I honestly debated this one for awhile. While in almost any other season he would have been right at the top of the list, in the first half of Season 5 we began to see another side to the Sheriff. On the plus side, Rick is great with a weapon, a quick thinking, and very strong. However, on the negative side of things, he has shown that he can be mentally vulnerable, sometimes putting himself in danger, and recently he has started acting more and more ruthlessly. Ultimately Rick would be a good man to have on your side, but I hope in Season 5b he regains a bit of his humanity again.

Who would be in your top 5? Tell me HERE!


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