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Already completely over-excited by the prospect of seeing DC's legendary teen-team the Teen Titans arrive on our television screens - in the form of TNT's upcoming live-action series Titans?

Well, everyone here at Moviepilot sure is - so much so, in fact, that we've been scouring the web for every last scrap of news, rumor, implication and hint that we possibly could.

Sometimes, though, rumor isn't enough, and we all need a solid dose of actual, factual, visual comic-book style awesomeness - and awesomeness doesn't come in too many greater forms than fantastic pieces of fan art.

And, as Dorkly recently proved, the Teen Titans can hold their own with the best of them...

Here are ten of my personal favorites...

10. Teen Titans Go (Grunge)!

In Marco D'Alfonso's epic Nirvana-infused take on the team...

9. Raven and Starfire Get Photo-Realistic

In Sakimichan's gloriously vivid renderings...

8. The Titans Go Feudal

In sergio-quijada's stunning Japanese take on the team.

7. The Titans Go Disney (and Dreamworks)

In Nerah-chan's awesomely geeky Rapunzel and Jack Frost-themed switcheroo.

6. The Titans...Attack Titan

Or, rather, Exaxuxer's epic mashup of the team and Attack on Titan...

5. Starfire Gets Strangely Sexual

In Pinku's Robin-teasing version of the hero.

4. The Team Goes Full Hipster

In Greig Rapson's variation on the heroes.

3. The Heroes Switch Places (And Genders)

In kope40's intriguing mixing up of their usual costumes and genitalia.

2. The Titans Go All Cartoony

In Chesira's awesome reinterpretation of the team as Big Hero 6...

And, possibly my favorite of the lot...

1. The Titans Get Ready to Go Avenging

In Ceshira's awesome blending of the two teams...

What do you guys reckon, though? Are there any other awesome pieces of Teen Titans fan art out there that I've missed? Got an idea for an even better superhero fan art round up?

via Dorkly


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