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We all know and use Google Maps everyday. It's become an essential tool for finding places, getting there on time, making a good impression - you know, being an actual adult human being.

But not everything about this handy tool is straight, down the line seriousness. Somethings are actually quite sinister, as you're about to find out.

Google's street view function covers 26 million miles of the Earth's surface, and the information it holds uses almost 21 gigabytes of data. Amongst this gigantic mass of images, there are some very strange happenings.

What would you do if you were driving along and saw an alien casually sunbathing at the side of the road? Or if Freddy Kruegar suddenly appeared at the drivers side window? Which is exactly what happens on these insanely creepy images taken straight from street view!

Take a look at some of my favorites below!

A Masked Man Lurkes in the Bushes!

Is that a gas mask?

An Alien Indulges in a Spot of Sun-Bathing

This is so creepy. The fact he's dressed like a small tie-dyed hippie doesn't help matters, either.

Four Horror Movie Legends!

Just a bunch of friendly hitchhikers... what's the problem?

A Naked Man Clambers Out from the Boot of a Car!?

No idea what's is going on here. Is that animal dead?

A Killer on the Run?

I don't even want to know what this guy was locked up for!

Identical Twins?

Oddly disturbing.

Source: The Mirror


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