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The ultrasound scan. For most parents this is the happy, emotional moment in which they first lay eyes on their new son or daughter. Their child's tiny feet kicking ever so slightly, their delicate little hands clenching cutely. It must be a very proud moment.

But for others, not everything goes how they imagined.

The ultrasound scans shown below are every parents worst nightmare. Each one is different but equally as demonic looking. Yes, it may just be unfortunate timing or a weird camera angle, but what would you do if you knew you had something inhuman growing inside? Like evil Damien from The Omen, for example?

Watch Damien topple his mother over the banister in this freaky clip from the original Omen movie!

Scroll down for 6 genuinely scary ultrasound scans.

Is that Jigsaw from Saw?

Such lovely eyes.

Skull Face

Looks fine to me.

Demon Baby

I wonder what the reaction would've been had Kate Middleton's ultrasound looked like this?

Satan's Baby

I'm sure he was a cutey when he was born!

The Smiler

He's teething early.

Evil Egg

I think he's hungry.

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