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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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With The Flash almost reaching season 2 (wow that was fast, literally) and there are more to come for season 2, and with Grant Gustin confirming that time travelling and the Cosmic Treadmill coming to The Flash a lot of question are popping in my mind how will the time travelling thing go with The Flash and also Greg Berlanti did talk about speedforce in The Flash. Today I am telling you my future predictions for The Flash, and plus its been a while since I've updated anything new about The Flash.

1.Eddie Thawne becomes The Reverse-Flash

Now I know we all know that Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash but remember that episode 'The Sound and The Fury' (Episode 11 of The Flash) when Harrison Wells was running and started losing his powers?

And then by the end of the episode we see Wells trying to re-create his powers (make it stronger and last longer) Harrison Wells is losing his powers (speculation) but what does this have to do with Eddie Thawne? Well your in for it now.

Do you remember when a bunch of photos for the future episodes of The Flash got leaked showing us Barry and Iris kissing?

Yep that one
Yep that one

A lot are saying it's a passionate kiss and some say it's a forced kiss what difference does it make if it's a passionate kiss or a forced kiss my prediction what if in that scene Eddie saw them? What if Eddie was looking for Iris and saw the 2 of them smooching by the water either he'll get mad and breaks up with Iris or an entirely different story happens.

What if right after that or in a different scene Harrison Wells in a form of The Reverse-Flash confronts Eddie? Like I said Wells is loosing his powers so what better way to do with it than to give it away. Then after Eddie is confronted by The Reverse-Flash (Wells), he'll tell make a deal with him he'll give his powers to Eddie and then he'll tell Eddie that Barry is actually The Flash and then once Eddie believes him Wells will take Eddie to the Cosmic Treadmill and grants Eddie the abilities of The Reverse-Flash or Wells finds a way to give his powers to Eddie and Eddie becomes the next reverse Flash.

And then Eddie goes and beats up Barry for kissing Iris come on its rage inside Eddie he wants revenge so bad what better way to get revenge by beating up The Flash when you know his secret identity. And even if Eddie doesn't want to be a bad guy what if Wells somehow finds a way to get Rainbow Raider's powers, and of course Eaboard Thawne is a 25th century name so there's no way the name's going to appear on The Flash they might as well take Eddie since he's the only closest one plus the last names match.

Besides The Reverse-Flash does have red eyes so could he somehow make Eddie rage so bad that he would beat up The Flash and also lets not forget that Wells might has been collecting DNA from the other meta-humans like how he did with Blackout in episode 7.

I don't have the ending photo of The Flash episode7
I don't have the ending photo of The Flash episode7

He took Blackout's blood sample and (maybe) wanted to use it on The Flash to take away his abilities so what if he did the same thing to Rainbow Raider took his abilities studied it and used it against others.


Do you think Eddie Thawne could be the next Reverse-Flash?


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