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Mass Effect 4 feels as if it's lightyears away from our Xbox One and PS4 consoles and potentially our PCs in terms of a release date. The only form of news we're receiving from Bioware since the E3 trailer is that this whole new region of space is expansive, the Mako will feature more heavily and it will not be following Dragon Age: Inquisition in terms of structure.

However, these facts don't really give us an idea of what to expect in Mass Effect 4. But could this new galaxy feature a region of space where mankind has yet to make its mark? With all of the Omega Relays destroyed, our abilities to venture out into the final frontier are limited. Or have we gone so far forward in time that new ones have been created? Perhaps we will stay in one quadrant of space this time around in ME4.

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 4 - Alien Races in New Galaxy

Bioware have shown us that ME4 will at least feature the Krogan race as we've seen one roar next to some kind of stall. Therefore, we can assume that some of the old races we're familiar with shall be making an appearance. And of course there's going to be some new ones too. But what about mankind? We weren't as spread out as the Alien races were prior to the Reaper incident.

Personally, I feel that Bioware are going to give us an opportunity to play as one of the Alien races. They've demonstrated how great a success this was with Dragon Age: Inquisition in terms of playing as a Qunari. What if humans were actually a race that we got to encounter in the galaxy like we did with previous races? You know, just as some kind of random encounter.

The Mako returns for Mass Effect 4!
The Mako returns for Mass Effect 4!

Basically, I'm just wondering whether players would be interested in not even having the opportunity to play as a human in ME4. This universe that Bioware has created has such potential to be endlessly dynamic in terms of what it can allow the player to do. I'd love to see a game where mankind weren't exactly the main focus.

What do you think Mass Effect fans? Would you like to explore a galaxy with only small sightings of humans? Or are you ready to have a new Shepard lead the human colonies to glory? With DA:I's character creation tools available I feel like they'd be wasting the opportunity to not give us the chance to use it on Turians, Krogans and more in Mass Effect 4! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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