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Matthew Chapman

I didn’t have any interest in seeing this film, especially in the cinemas, but there wasn’t a lot out so we threw caution to the wind and bought tickets.

The longest two hours of my life.

In my opinion, if you are thinking about the time, the movie isn’t doing its job. It was probably about an hour in when I started wishing the time away.

It felt as if too much time was spent on small, specific parts of his life – for example; at one point Louis Zamperini and some of his crewmates are lost at sea and it felt that the whole chapter was long and some parts unnecessary. I understand that it was a chapter in his life and part of the story of his strength and courage but still some scenes didn’t need to be as long or needed altogether.

Aside from being long, it’s a gloomy film and just goes from one horrible event to another and so on. There are some light hearted moments in the beginning but then the rest of the film is pretty glum so much so that I had to go home and watch something happy.

There aren’t many well know actors, Garrett Hedlund and Jai Courtney being the only recognizable ones but lead stars, Jack O’Connell and Takamasa Ishihara, do a pretty awesome job of keeping me remotely interested in the story.

I loved at the end of the film we got to see pictures of the real life Louis Zamperini after the event of the film and learn what happened to him afterwards, even a clip of him running with the Olympic torch.

I’ll won't be watching it again, once was more than enough.


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