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My first exposure to Oliver Queen/Green Arrow was when Justin Hartley was cast on Smallville to play the role. I was instantly hooked on the character and started buying comics to learn more.

Sadly I found that towards the end of Smallville’s run, it was more Oliver than Green Arrow and the character, I felt, went to waste.

When it was announced that there would be a whole show focused on Oliver, I was both excited and a bit hesitant. Excited about getting a whole show about him but hesitant because it was the CW and because of how Smallville misused him towards the end.

And now two and a half years later and constant nagging from a friend, I finally got around to watching it.

In Season 1, I was torn between liking it and hating the darkness of it, all the flashbacks and most of the characters but then Season 2 just got better and better.

Walter Steele, Moira, Thea & Oliver Queen.
Walter Steele, Moira, Thea & Oliver Queen.

THE QUEENS: Oliver, Moira and Thea

I was torn about Oliver in Season 1, half the time I liked the character and the other half I couldn’t stand him; especially when it came to listening to the team that he made and their suggestions when it came to saving the city. Season 2 I grew to like him a lot more as Team Arrow grew together.

Moira had interesting bits throughout the series but other than that I felt she was kind of just a filler with only being useful to the story when they needed her to be.

Urgh Thea! CAN NOT STAND THEA! I just find her annoying, just there to be a obstacle for Oliver and more often than not just making trouble and it got even worse when Roy was introduced. Even worse now that it looks like her destiny is for a bigger role in the mythos of the show.

Sara, Quentin, Laurel and Dinah Lance
Sara, Quentin, Laurel and Dinah Lance

THE LANCES: Quentin, Dinah, Laurel and Sara.

I love Quentin. Just an average father/cop trying to do the best with what he’s been given. I love the transition of his relationship with The Arrow, going from hunting him down to realizing that there are certain things the police force can’t do and working with him.

I had heard about the Laurel hate before I started watching this but I didn’t mind her in Season 1 but then she got into the drugs and alcohol, started treating everyone like shit and you just wanted to give her a shake and tell her to snap of it.

You don’t see a lot of Dinah in the first two season but you still like her character, even with the short screen time.

Now Sara, I really like Sara. I love her relationship with her father, with Nyssa, Team Arrow and just her character as a whole. I read quite often that people like her better than Laurel, I do too but when you have characters that aren’t part of the comic books, you have to expect that they probably won’t live happily ever after.

Malcolm and Tommy Merlyn.
Malcolm and Tommy Merlyn.

THE MERLYNS: Malcolm and Tommy.

Was there any purpose from Tommy? I found him completely useless and a waste of time.

I knew John Barrowman was in Arrow but I didn’t think he was in it as much as he is but I’m more interested in him as the Dark Archer rather than Malcolm.

Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, john Diggle and Roy Harper.
Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, john Diggle and Roy Harper.

TEAM ARROW: John Diggle, Felicity Smoak and Roy Harper.

I love Diggle and Felicity, who apart from Quentin probably kept me watching the show long enough to get to the good parts. I like them more than Oliver and I like seeing moments when they even stand up to him when they don’t agree with what he’s doing.

I could have done without Roy Harper being on the show, he’s just pretty much a whiney teenager who always looks like he is once step away from dropping on the floor and have a temper tantrum. Even worse when Thea and he share scenes together! Urgh! It got even worse when he was injected with the Mirakuru.

Slade Wilson.
Slade Wilson.

I liked Slade Wilson before he went nuts on the Mirakuru, I understand that the woman you loved died but to go to such extremes to get revenge on people who didn’t even kill her seemed stupid.

I love having Deadshot, The Huntress and Nyssa on the show and hope to see more and more as the show goes on. The introduction of Barry Allen was awesome and eagerly look forward to more crossovers.

The cast is awesome, something I like about the DCTV universe; they get the casting right for their TV shows. I love all the easter eggs and the comic book character appearances. The stories are more good than bad and keep getting better as do the relationships.

I like the costumes and that they are more realistic and practical even though I find it baffling that no one recognizes any of them with just a flimsy eye mask!

Also, does Oliver get the concept of a secret identity? It seems a lot of people are learning his secret!

It did get off to a shaky start for me but I love it now. I’ve already started Season 3 and will most definitely keep watching week to week once I catch up.


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