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I'm not going to start off this article slamming Andrew Garfield's role of Peter Parker from The Amazing Spider-Man I and II. I for one liked his role, I was skeptical when they first announced him as the new Peter Parker. I share love with Spider-Man 3 though, so instead of focusing on Andrew Garfield and the lovable Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. I'm going to go BACK IN TIME to Spider-Man 3.

I loved the movie! So much. I don't see how other couldn't. From the Mary Jane scene to the fight with the New Goblin to Peter's control over the symbiote, to the romance aspects. Peter had his role cut out for him, and the dancing was just oh so worth it.

But there was just one scene that was the icing on the metaphorical cake.

The way he flaunts Gwen in from of Mary Jane, this movie had it's highest points, and two villains and an anti-villain.

But I still love Andrew Garfield and the luscious Emma Stone.


Why did you not like Spider-Man 3


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