BySree Teja, writer at
What Happened to this guy? The leader, one of the smartest brains in the Marvel universe. In the movie incredible hulk we can see this guy who does research on Hulk and by an soldier Blonsky forcing him he make him into the Abomination and in this process the blood of the hulk falls on a wound in his head and this guys becomes the leader but we have never seen this guy again not even in a single marvel movie after the "Incredible Hulk", actually he has some psychopath powers he can control things and is really a smart guy and he is always behind the hulk and he was a tough competition for him. It would be good if he would have got a spot in the avengers infinity war either part one or part two , most probably that wouldn't happen but introducing him as a villain to the marvel universe would be really amazing an other amazing threat for the marvel universe and the especially the big green guy the Hulk.

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