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Easter eggs are a whole lot of fun - that is, if you can catch them. It's not always easy and for some reason I think directors enjoy making them pretty sneaky. It adds to the excitement of finding them when you truly don't see them coming.

I know I find myself trying to look closely at cell phone correspondences in movies, I often pause to read the entirety of a note or document that a character reads, and I always look at the background of a scene to see if there's anything important that most people will probably miss. It's almost like a game.

We've sorted through a few of the best and cheekiest small details for your viewing pleasure below. Check them out!

1. All too typical ridiculous YouTube comments in '21 Jumpstreet'

Everyone knows YouTube comments are absolutely the craziest on the internet. This is quite clearly supposed to be YouTube, although the design is a little different, likely to avoid copyright issues. But yeah, racism, sexism, overtly sexual comments, threats, homophobia, you name it - YouTube's got it. Check out what these three hardly visible comments happen to say in this faux video from [21 Jump Street](movie:44192):

  • I can't masturbate to this. (jonahslum)
  • rip billiam! we miss u (sugarbaby34836)


2. An eerily familiar puppet shows up in the background of Insidious

It shouldn't come as too much of a shock that director James Wan (creator and director of Saw AND director of Insidious) included Billy the Puppet from the Saw films in the background on the blackboard in this scene. The sketch is pretty crude, but you can definitely make out that it's him.

3. M's real name unveiled in 'Skyfall'?

First of all, I have to say that even though I grew up with Pierce Brosnan as my Bond, I respect the decision of throwing Daniel Craig into the mix.

Anyway, after he receives this gift from M, you notice there is a small engraved metal piece connected to the box. Annnnnd, if you look closely you'll see...

While it's difficult to make out, it says "Olivia Mansfield". This is cooler and more significant than you may think at first. Obviously, it's apparently M's real name. Also, it's likely a reference to Mansfield Smith-Cumming, the first director of the organization that would eventually become known as MI6 - the world class and super bad-ass British secret intelligence agency.

4. Did you notice, in 'Prometheus', David's finger has THIS logo?

If you look closely at David's fingerprint, you can see the Weyland-Yutani logo, a fictional technologocial company that appears in many different forms in multiple films. Talk about attention to detail!

5. Han from 'The Fast and The Furious' has an interesting full name

Han Seoul-Oh. Sounds like he's probably Korean. I know Seoul is supposed to be a great city-- wai, wait, WHAT? Han Solo reference! Legit.

6. Extremely apropos board game action in 'Pulp Fiction'

Check it out. If you were busy freaking out over this overdose scene from Pulp Fiction, you may have missed it. Two of my favorite board games as a kid stacked on top of eachother - "Operation" and "Life". Clearly appropriate.

7. The three cute bears from 'Shrek' suffer a cruel fate

You may remember this somewhat devastating bear capture scene from Shrek.

Later you see some rather subdued bears. But wait, where is the mom though?

Uh oh, she's a bear rug now. And they didn't even do her the decency of taking her pink bow off?! Wow, I don't want to say childhood ruined, but I will certainly say adulthood mildly affected.

7. R2-D2 and C-3PO appear as hieroglyphics in Indiana Jones

A true guest appearance by our favorite Star Wars robots here. Hmmm... definitely wouldn't have caught that!

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