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UPDATE: It's official, Spider-man has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More details to come!!

The hope to see Spider-Man fighting alongside The Hulk, or possibly cracking jokes with Iron Man, or even asking Captain America to hold the grand shield is something all viewers have wanted to see on the big screen.

Since the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was often discussed why Spider-Man should be a part of the universe. It would create a coherent universe in which all characters with key roles, could potentially, help transition those stories to the big screen. But those discussions were always subjected to wishful thinking because the rights of Spider-Man did not belong to Marvel, but rather, to Sony.

Spider-Man joined the Avengers on the small screen.
Spider-Man joined the Avengers on the small screen.

With the infamous hack surrounding The Interview, the spark was revived once again when it was revealed that Sony and Disney where in talks to introduce the web-slinger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All eyes were eagerly set on the "Spidey Summit" for the official announcement that our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man would be swinging onto our screens, but such announcement was never announced. It seemed that the hope to see our beloved Spider-Man was crushed once again.

With rumors springing from every corner of the internet, no concrete information has been strong enough to suggest that Spider-Man would be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - until now.

Spider-Man alongside The Avengers.
Spider-Man alongside The Avengers.

Amy Pascal, co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and chair of its motion picture group, has stepped down from her position. What does her departure mean for Spider-Man? Pascal was primarily responsible for how Spider-Man was handled within Sony, such as the sequels, and the spinoffs.

With Pascal departing, a new successor will be in charge to decide the fate of Spider-Man and possibly, choose the best option to successfully bring the web-slinger back to our screens. With many options available to Sony, could viewers finally see Spider-Man introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Only time will tell.


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