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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
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Ever since Nick Winters (Bill Murray) belted out his lounge lizard version of the original Star Wars theme (1977) There have been parodies of this galactic empire.

There have even been entire Movies and TV episodes dedicated to Star Wars take offs.

"THAT was my Virgin Alarm. It's programmed to go off before you do!" ~Dot Matrix
"THAT was my Virgin Alarm. It's programmed to go off before you do!" ~Dot Matrix

Giggedy giggedy giggedy giggedy

Whether they were musical, actors auditions or satirical sketches thanks to George Lucas and the internet there are now thousands maybe millions of funny memes and videos!

You can't win 'em all George!
You can't win 'em all George!

Let's have some more music.

Because you know I'm all about that base!

Oh come on! Don't you want to kill some rebels? At least it's not a "Let it Go" parody!

Of course I couldn't forget the master of song parodies. "Weird Al" Yankovic does a great job explaining how the saga began.

But these spoofs began

A long time ago in a decade far, far away. That's when one of the first Star Wars parodies was filmed! 1978's "Hardware Wars"

Back in 1997 this was one of the first funny Star Wars fan films I ever watched on the internet a take off of the FOX TV show "COPS" called "Troops"

Some of the funniest videos are the actors that auditioned but didn't get the parts. Even though Frank Oz claimed Yoda wasn't a Muppet, some of the Muppets did try out for the part!

Even funnier though is that Christopher Walken almost got the part of Han Solo and seeing as how Kevin Spacey does a pretty good impression of him, he and the cast at SNL thought his and other stars auditions would make a great skit for the 20th anniversary of the movie.

Let us not forget that mash up of Shakespearean proportions Of course I doth speak of George Lucas in Love!

“I do believe—that all the world's a star. Beyond that heav'nly light I shall fly far!"
Luke Skywalker~Shakespeare's Star Wars

Of course there's a new Star Wars boss in town!

This is the happiest place?
This is the happiest place?

There are already a bunch of parodies for the first trailer out there.

One for the Studio and one for the director

Some folks have even imagined other directors vision of it

These explosions aren't as Good as Michael Bay's but what if?

Of course you may or may not find these funny, Hitler didn't. But then Hitler overreacts to everything on the internet!


So tell me your favorite Star Wars take offs below and have a Happy Star Wars Day (It's my birthday)!

May the Fourth be with you!

Update: Mel Brooks has said he has a script for Spaceballs 2 and would make it if Rick Moranis would do the movie! Even though Joan Rivers and John Candy would not be able to reprise their roles what do you think? Should he?


Should Mel Brooks make Spaceballs 2?


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