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Predestination is the type of film where the second it finishes, you will want to watch it again, just so you could piece the puzzle together one clue at a time. Over the course of the film, you will be enthralled in the story and by the characters, yet as the story moves along, elements will truly play with your mind and what you think you know about this world, while other things will happen that might not fit into what you thought this film would be. It is ambitious, enthralling, and just plain awesome. You might not know what’s going on the entire time, but everything pays off by the end. The Spierig Brothers have crafted.

Adapting Robert A. Heinlein’s short story All You Zombies, this film messes around with the idea of time paradoxes and how the future is inevitable, because you can’t change the future by going into the past. That may sound simple, but the way Predestination executes these ideas is smart, and the groundwork is laid throughout the movie so once you get to the end, you won’t feel sucker punched, and everything will make start to make sense.

Maybe not all at once, but once you start thinking about what you just witnessed on the screen and how each scene plays into the next, you will be able to craft it together in your head. A second viewing of the film may be required to fill in the missing pieces.

Ethan Hawke is sold as the star of the film, but newcomer Sarah Snooke steals the show. Her star making performance was layered, nuanced and emotional. You felt her pain, wanted her to overcome her struggles and cringed at her mistakes.

There is a reason I haven’t touched on the plot yet, and that is because you deserve to see this film knowing as little as possible. The story felt stagnant at times, but once the ending credits began to roll, you understand why certain elements of the story had to be told.

Overall, this film was smart, engrossing, and most of all, engaging. It keeps you watching and entertained because of the performances, especially by Snooke, but at the same time, kept your brain working to piece together the puzzle that this film presents.


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