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A huge congratulations is in order to each and every MP Creator who posted this week! Another fantastic 7 days of top entertainment content. It can mean only one thing... another top ten posts from new Creators!

The Best Moments in the Terminator Franchise!

He'll be back... soon!
He'll be back... soon!

With the arrival of Terminator Genysis on DATE, Tom Meadows decided there's no better time to share his top 10 moments in the Terminator franchise. After this, I promise you'll be fully prepped for Emilia Clarke's latest addition to the franchise!

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Kal-El's Awesome New Power Puts the "Man" in Superman

Have that son! Think the mighty Superman is far too overpowered to be a relatable superhero? Well, you’re in for a treat now because our beloved Kal, as well as having a wardrobe upgrade, has just been bestowed with a new power that ultimately renders him almost human after using it. Creator Allen Cunningham gives us the low down on the technical aspects of this potentially historic superhero alteration.

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Everything is Awesome About THESE LEGO Crossovers!

This is quite possibly one of the coolest crossovers in fan art that you will see, well.. ever. Not only because of the obvious visual 'WOW' factor. But because these pieces are wildly creative and yet, so simple at heart. They possess a kind of simplicity that I imagine comes from a place of real love, a true fan spirit. Meet Alexandre Tissier, French art director/graphic designer and let him tell you what makes these crossed fictional characters so special to him.

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Is Lucy the most empowering female action film ever?

Despite unflattering reviews of the film, Lucas Johnson puts forward a good argument to suggest that Scar-Jo's character is one of the most empowered women to hit our screens yet. Lucy is always in control of her actions, is highly manipulative, remorseless, and 'don't need no man' to get ahead. What a bad-ass!

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Voices That Make Movie Characters Commit Murder!

Have you ever heard voices? Not like, your mom calling you to come to the dinner table, I mean voices that have driven you to bad things.. driven you to.. kill people? On second thought don't answer that. The point is Ryan Reynolds has indeed heard such voices. Hopefully not in real life, but he sure does in his new film 'The Voices' (who woulda' thunk). In this article, MP newcomer,Mike Larson explains why he feels sympathy for Reynolds' character in the film. Mike then goes on to break down the top 5 'imaginary bad influences' that have driven people to the brink of madness, mayhem and murder.

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MP Creator takes Movie Make-up To Another Level of Greatness!

This is something really special from Creator Natasha Morley. With her insane skills with make-up and prosthetics, she has transformed herself into many of our favorite movie and TV characters. An absolute MUST SEE.

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Love Horror? Don't Miss These Unknown Supernatural Beings!

Make sure you've seen these 10 supernatural beings by checking out Anna Olvera's fantastic post! From Acheri to Vetala, she's got them all! And if you don't know what that means... You'll clearly learn something new with this freaky post!

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Is the DCU Leading Towards Batman Beyond?

In this first post, Shane gives us an outline of how a Batman Beyond movie could possibly work. The idea of using Michael Keaton as an aged Bruce Wayne, after his success with Birdman, was food for thought. He presents some great casting choices and how the story could come together. Definitely something to wish for!

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Disney's Highest Body Count Belongs to a Disney Princess!

The title says it all for this one! Eagle-eyed Creator David Zuniga discovered this week that the highest body count within Disney's catalogue of movies is... a Disney princess! Check out his awesome post to find out which one!

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What Frank Underwood Taught Us About Success!

Take a couple tips from a more unusual source of inspiration, political powerhouse Frank Underwood. Alex Grey gives you his (or rather, Underwoods) tips to success. So suit up, fix yourself a drink and plan your rise to the top.

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