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Chris Hemsworth is truly one of the most bankable stars, and definitely in-demand. His projects have surfaced here and there. Aside from his current film, Blackhat, the Aussie actor will also be in the much-anticipated sequel of The Avengers, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he will once again put on his armor as the God of Thunder, Thor.

Thor had been Hemsworth ultimate ride to instant fame. He has shown that he had more than just the looks and the charms, he's also got the acting skills to pull of his action-packed scenes and transformations in Marvel's stand-alone films. The 31-year old actor, crowned last year as People's Sexiest Man Alive, had managed to win over many fans because of that.

It's no wonder why the cries are louder than before for Thor 3: Ragnarok. Here's the latest Thor 3: Ragnarok Release Date and Plot Spoilers.

It will still be awhile until we see Thor back in the Kingdom of Asgard fighting his own battles, and Hemsworth is mum about the details of his film. However, he did give some hints as to what stage in the production they're currently at.

"There is no script for Thor, the next Thor, so I have no idea where he'll up. But it's a pretty, big one."

He also hinted that fans better stay tune and better not miss out on the Age of Ultron because there will be big events that will occur there that will have an effect on nearly all Avenger standalone movies, including the third Thor 3.

"Yeah, definitely. I mean, it has to, doesn't it? Unless I was on the sidelines kind of waving. He's not."

Possible spoiler alert. Rumors have been spreading that, with the introduction of Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron will give Marvel fans a brief glimpse into the future, one which might involve the sexy God dead. But, it might not just be him.

A Reddit User, LuneyTunes, pointed out that this hint was actually in the trailer. "There is a shot in the previous 'Age of Ultron' trailer that shows Captain America's shield broken. If you look closely, you will see Thor's arm also. I think this is the future shown by Scarlet Witch - and is his and Steve Roger's death in a faceoff with Thanos."

This, of course, hasn't been confirmed nor denied by the people behind Thor 3. Although Ragnarok does signify the end of the Thor standalone film, it still remains inconclusive.

Back in July 2014, Kevin Feige, Marvel's president revealed that the storyline for the third movie was still being outlined. And a lot of changes could be made since we're too far from the release date.

Thor 3: Ragnarok arrives in theatres on June 28, 2017.


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