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So, with the Inhumans plot developing on SHIELD, with Skye being Daisy Johnson and Raina possibly Tigra. (not confirmed) Also the tease of the character who will probably turn out to be The Reader, it seems like this is a brand new and exciting chapter on Agents of SHIELD.

But a new Inhuman has been cast, it was announced that Luke Mitchell would play the character, Lincoln. Now this is not an actual name of one of the Inhumans so, most likely it will be like Skye he's an inhuman but they aren't going far enough to exactly, just tell us who he is.

I really have no clue who he could be at this point, we know basically nothing about the character. The literally only knowledge we have about Luke Mitchell's characters, is that his name will be Lincoln. He will be an Inhuman. He will be in the second half of season 2. And he's plot is going to be helping Skye with her Inhumanity. (ha ha joke pun I know I'm so hilarious) But it now seems like he is going to be the fourth Inhuman character on the show.

Who do you think "Lincoln" is? What will his powers be? Comment down below, let me know!


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