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Everything was set up for a big announcement from Marvel on the all women cast talk show, THE VIEW, this morning. In hind sight, it was the perfect place to make such an announcement. For where better to let everyone know that Marvel was producing a comic this year during the Secret Wars event that would star an all woman Avengers?

With all the comic based movies coming out, there has been a lot of discussion about the lack of ethnic and, especially, female figures on the big screen. Of course, we know that movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel should calm these angry voices down a bit. But, if you've been paying attention, you could see that Marvel has already been leading the revolution of racially and sexually mixed teams this last year.

Captain America (sporting the new Captain aka Sam Wilson, the Falcon) and the Mighty Avengers #1 is just part of what Marvel is doing to represent this ethnically mixed world we live in. Some still bemoan the lack of strong female characters in both film and comics, although Marvel has brought us an exceptional new Ms. Marvel that is both a non-generic female hero AND a breath of ethic fresh air (among a myriad of other great female heroes).

Well, Marvel is definitely NOT done! It has just been announced (despite THE VIEW) that the Marvel Secret Wars that has brought us covers of every Thor and Modok imaginable will now bring us a team of all female Avengers. In the creating of this team, Marvel has defined one of the regions of Battleworld in question: Arcadia. Marvel refers to Arcadia as a 'feminist paradise'. According to some sources, the male heroes of the Marvel universe are 'no more' in the region of Arcadia. This creates an alternate universe never seen and a whole new story.

Now, the cover has a lot of great suggestions, but, for obvious reasons, they won't include all of them in the team. Once again, according to sources, the line up will be as follows:


Janet Van Dyne has been a staple of the Avengers from day one. She has leadership skills and won't back down from a fight no matter how small she is. She could bring to the team an experience that no one else can. I don't see them making her team leader, although they could make her the matriarch of the team in a much larger role. Seeing that Arcadia is a 'feminist paradise', maybe she will score the roll of President or Queen. Either way she should be involved.

She Hulk

Jennifer Walters is a cousin to Bruce Banner who received a life changing blood transfusion from him to give her a version of his monstrous strength. She has also been a pivotal member of, not only, the Avengers, but the Fantastic Four at times. I wouldn't think there was any other power character in Marvel, female at least, that could match her experience and raw power.


Although she would not be my choice, she more than likely made the roster by the sheer fact that Marvel is pushing the Inhumans pretty hard. She won't be a bad choice. She's just not on my top list. Her attitude as royalty and stregnth of character because of this makes her a great addition to a strong female cast. She is probably ruler of Attilan seeing that Blackbolt ended up in whatever fate befell the other male heroes.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff has, was and will always be one of the most powerful female figures in Marvel history. However, she's also the most psycho. Hopefully, they present a Scarlet Witch who has cured all of her demons. Or was it her that said, 'NO MORE MEN'

Spider Woman

Another female character that has got a lot of play this past year is Spider Woman. This is due mainly to the fact that the SPIDERVERSE story has been highly popular. The funny thing is that with this all women cast, they opted to return her to the 'sexist' costume that made all of the noise a few months ago.


I'm glad to see the inclusion of some of the mutants other than Scarlet Witch. Storm is the top of strong female hierarchy in the X-Men, if you ask me, and must be included. She will make a masterful addition to the A-Force.


Ever since Marvel made the switch with Rogue from Brotherhood to full fledged X-man, she has been a fan favorite. Her versatility makes her an essential member of the group. She also brings with her a strength and independence that proves her to be a great role model for anyone especially the fan-girls out there.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey has been through a lot of different metamorphoses in her long history. This is fitting seeing as she is the persona of the phoenix who dies and rises from its own ashes. In Arcadia, we get to see her in her green Phoenix gear leading us to believe that she will be in control and at her most powerful.


Dazzler is a surprising choice. She is iconic for the 80s in all of its flash, but also of the female attitude of the time. She will definitely bring a strong, independent role model to group.


Pixie has been made a staple of the X-men for the past decade. Not even X-MEN: FIRST CLASS could be done with a version of her (called angel). Haven't kept up with her character, obviously, because the pic I used looks nothing like the perky, innocent, nearly powerless character she has apparently become.


Now, I'm a big ALPHA FLIGHT fan from way back. So, I'm jazzed that she was included. But I would have picked Songbird over Snowbird personally. She does bring a mystical edge to the group much like Dr. Strange does for the male led Avengers.


This is another Mutant and, YES, another surprise. Although, I'm pleased, I would have thought a lot of other female heroes would have been ahead of her. BUT, she does bring a younger feel and attitude to the mostly older group.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers HAD to be included in this group. She is quickly becoming the Marvel icon of the strong female lead. In fact, she is first up for a solo movie. Danvers, as a character, has been through many life changing developments and will add power and personality to the group.

Moon Dragon

Moon Dragon is interconnected with the whole of the Marvel Universe and has been for years. She isn't one I would chose, but she is a must for the team as a strong female force.


Yet another blast from ALPHA FLIGHT past, and one choice I would not have made. Aurora has been a dicey character with a mass of mental problems that would make Wanda Maximoff scoff. But, when she's sane, she's a great model of a strong role-model.

Nico Minoru

Nico brings a powerful mystic power to the team. Not only is she young, she has led the RUNAWAYS and, therefore, has the experience to handle leadership. It doesn't hurt that she has a staff that can bend magic to her will.


Not much is known about this character besides she's 'cosmically' powered and, since the character doesn't really have a sex, she has chose to be female. Making this choice, she will be a speaker for all of those who were born female. Through her, the writers will explore what it means to be a woman. Sounds interesting and maybe a character who can survive the SECRET WARS and last a long time.

There's a lot left out. Where's Sue Storm? How about the penultimate Alpha Flight female character, Heather Hudson? So many too chose from. What is your favorite that they missed?

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