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With seven books and an eight film saga, it's no surprise that die hard fans still have questions about our boy wizard's magical exploits. Thankfully, we still have a good chance of getting the answers! Apparently, if you tweet your questions at just the right time, the planets and stars have aligned, the gods are looking down upon you in good favor, and the ever elusive J.K. Rowling is online at the time, the Potter author herself will directly tweet you back the answers! Three lucky Potter fan tweeters got the surprise of a lifetime this morning when Rowling, while drinking her Lancashire tea, directly answered three burning questions fans have had since the saga ended.

1. Harry Potter, The Basilisk, and Horcruxes

Everyone knows that destroying a Horcrux takes some serious effort. There are only a few select ways to go about doing it, which could include slicing the horcrux with the sword of Gryffindor or stabbing it with a basilisk fang. So why did Harry remain a horcrux after being bitten by the Basilisk in the chamber of secrets...?

and then there's Rowling to the rescue!

this is one of my favorite gifs on the internet
this is one of my favorite gifs on the internet

2. What about Fluffy?

So Fluffy is obviously everybody's favorite three headed dog, but what exactly happened to him? I also always wondered if Fluffy was a relative of Cerberus (the multi headed hellhound that guarded the entrance to the underworld in Greek and Roman mythology)'s the answer!

It turns out Fluffy actually was Cerberus! Makes sense since Fluffy is obviously the ultimate guard dog. The next twitter question should be "who exactly was this 'Greek chappie' Hagrid got Fluffy from?"

3. Why is Grimmauld Place in the middle of a muggle community?

This one's an interesting question that I never really thought about before! Let's see what Rowling has to say about it!

They meet again at Grimmauld Place!
They meet again at Grimmauld Place!

Interesting! I wonder how exactly these occupants were "persuaded" out of their home? Anyone have any ideas?

Bonus: Tea anyone?

Wow, Rowling is truly an incredible woman! Years after the saga ended, she is still willing to personally answer our questions and keep the magical world that we have all fallen in love with alive! Thank you again J.K. for always giving us magic to believe in!

Now please excuse me while I go find some Lancashire tea...


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