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Well I don't want to say I called it, but... I called it by wanting some more screen time for Malcolm Merlyn. An insight into his past and then seeing him team up with Team Arrow, but we will get to that later.

Arsenal & Black Canary

We start with the Glades in chaos as Danny Brickwell (Vinnie Jones) has run all of the police from the area, creating a criminals haven inside Starling City.

In the Arrow's absence the mayor has been forced to evacuate all police from the area and if any are to step inside the Glades, they will be shot on sight. Shaking down business' , looting stores and terrorizing the citizens of Starling City.

With Felicity using Roy's code name Arsenal and Detective Lance cracking a wise little joke about it...

I am liking the lighter side of Detective Lance
I am liking the lighter side of Detective Lance

We see Arsenal, Black Canary (Laurel), Diggle and Felicity protecting the glades in Oliver's absence. Facing the overwhelming factor of them being outnumbered they are running out of options on where to turn for help.

Without knowing that Oliver is alive and recovering they are forced to consider options that in turn, cause disagreements within the team.

Merlyn & Thea

I'm not sure what he is thinking about...
I'm not sure what he is thinking about...

A great combat sequence between Thea & Malcolm, showing a growing relationship between the father and daughter. Despite Malcolm having basically drugging Thea and having her kill the real Black Canary (Sarah) they seem to be getting on just fine.

Thea even helps Roy with his problem of deciding what to think of Merlyn, showing admiration for the mass murderer. Explaining that Malcolm has done everything in the name of protecting the ones he loves.

Team Arrow are divided in how to deal with Merlyn's offer to "Continue their association" and accept his help to 'deal' with Danny Brickwell.

Why does Merlyn care for Brickwell?

'Everyone I've dropped has been with that gun'
'Everyone I've dropped has been with that gun'

We see killer looking to avenger his wife. After 21 years of believing he had dealt with the man who murdered his wife, he discovers (by the help of team Arrow) that in fact it was Danny Brickwell who committed the act.

With this evidence coming to light, Merlyn seeks the help of the team as their interests align.

The offer is declined as they decide that Merlyn's methods were the start down a dark path from the team, one Oliver would not of taken.

So naturally, he goes and deals with it in his own way. Confronting Thea that he is nothing more than a killer and any shred of a decent man that he was, died with his wife.

Rally The Troops!

The team call upon their friends from around the Glades that have interacted with the team throughout the series, Wildcat, Sin and an army of civilians!

All out fighting commences between Brick's gang and the citizens - with Brick standing their looking crazy as ever.

Sin makes a connection that Laurel isn't in fact Sarah who is the real Black Canary, Wildacat takes a beating from Brick - after laying a few good punches on him though!


All in time for...

The Green Arrow to show up!

Stopping Malcolm from killing Brick by convincing him to give Thea reasons to forgive him and to start making a different choice.

Giving a speech to Starling City, praising their strength against adversity and how he will not leave the City to endure such hardships again.

Oliver is now back and the Green Arrow is now faced with a difficult path ahead. Ra's is going to come and destroy everything he holds close, once he learns that he survived their duel.

Although he was unable to defeat Ra's Al Ghul the first time, after spending time with Katana during his resurrection period, Oliver learns that

'Only the student has a hope of defeating the master'

Merlyn must train Oliver to defeat Ra's and save Thea, Roy, Felicity, Diggle and the entire city. Maybe he will have better luck than the last 2 times?

What A Ride!

So we are set to see more combat scenes between the two experienced archers and development of characters all around as we see secrets come out and relationships severed

What are you most looking forward to in the coming episodes? Comment Below!


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