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Chris Jaser

Moviepilot was kind enough to allow me access to a press screening for Seventh Son. I am excited to write my first review on a movie before the public is able to see it. So here are three awesome elements that made this film entertaining to watch.

1. Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges is always entertaining to watch on screen. So to see him as a knight fighting creatures of the dark, I was curious to see how he was going to play this role. I must say he reminded me of Don Quixote meets the grail knight of Indiana Jones. His character is funny and slightly intoxicated throughout the film, but becomes quite serious when it comes time to fight evil!

2. Creature Designs

The monsters and creatures in the film were interesting visually. Their monster forms reflected well towards what the actors were wearing. The transformation sequences were cool to see since it wasn't the traditional painful transformation but just simply growing into their monster form. When the main villain transformed into her dragon form, it was one of the most unique dragons I have ever seen - a hybrid of a dragon and a human. It's quite interesting to see.

3. Action Action Action

So much action in the film. Seems like every second there is a new monster that needs to be slain.

Overall the film was entertaining to watch. If you're a fan of mythical creatures, medieval knights and lore then this film is for you!

Seventh Son is in theaters today!


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