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Ok, so recently Marvel has created a new, all-female super team called A-Force. This will tie in directly to Secret Wars. THAT IS SO FREAKIN' COOL!!! They have also created a new character for this new team. This new character is what I am going to rant about.


So, I have been making a bunch of characters that I might make into my own comic book. The comic would focus on a single character named Riptide. This guy is pretty kick-ass. He works in Oakland and is in his early 20's. His uncle is the owner of a major weapons corporation called Soturi Enterprises and when his mother is killed, his uncle adopts him. He has a cousin who is about 2 years older and eventually joins him in crime fighting. This is just the basis of my story.

There is one character that I hope to make a very prominent character. Here she is:

Tala Al Taher is a Jordanian farm girl. She spent 3 years in university in America until her adopted brother died from a terrorist raid. She returns home to help on her fathers farm. While in Jordan she becomes a masked terrorist hunter and takes down many terror groups. The Jordanian government learns of her identity and take her in to commemorate her. This gives her wealth and they move to Oakland, California and she becomes a test pilot for Soturi Enterprises and her father becomes a lawyer for Soturi Enterprises. After an alien invasion that shows the world that they are not alone, Soturi goes straight into space travel/combat testing. She is the first to venture through Jupiter but finds an armada of the alien race on the other side. She fights them off and uses a special weapon created by Soturi Enterprises that heats up gas and turns Jupiter into a star which kills off most of the armada and the ship blows up. The birth of the star activates ancestral genes that she was unaware of having. These genes are called Deitial (dee-shul) Genes. Her powers are activated and she returns to Earth while the world mourns and praises her death. She then becomes a street crime fighter until Riptide finds her and examines her.
Deitial Genes are genes from a race of beings called Deitins (Dai-tins). Deitins were alive since before the last universe and a being that I will not reveal let them live through more universes. Each and every Deitin has different powers, philosophies, and look. These beings live for 1,000 years and are so advanced in sciences and magic that they have found a purpose to study each new universe, galaxy, star, planet, and moon. When an intelligent race of beings are made on a planet, they send a large group of them to that planet and are divided into groups to study civilizations of power. Many famous Deitins that studied Earth were Zeus, Odin, Futs-Lung, Ra'a, etc. These Deitins had no morals however and did as they liked with the planet to study the outcome. They genetically altered humans and animals and elements together to create monsters that may or may not still roam Earth. Many times they had children with humans who carried the Deitial Genes. This genes allows the bearer to only have one birth child. The genes are only activated when they find a source of power or location that was special to that one Deitin. This gives the descendant powers and abilities like their ancestor.
When Riptide examines Tala, he finds out that she is a descendant of Asteria, the Greek goddess of stars. She is composed of space. (I thought a lot about how this character would look) She has eyes that are nebula's and hairs that are comet tails. Her skin is space black with flecks of stars all over her. Her heart is a controlled singularity and her mind is a black hole.
Her powers are that she can project solar flares, create singularities, create black holes, teleport via worm holes, intangibility, invisibility, can survive without air, can survive in most gravitational pressures, flight, galactic awareness, light speed, and can shape shift into any constellation entities from Earths perspective (e.g. Draco, Pegasus, Hercules, etc).
She soon becomes an operative of a special superhuman organisations (name not to be revealed here) black ops team with the codename Star. When the world is attacked by the same aliens, she becomes a member of a space team.

So, do you see why I would be very annoyed about MARVEL making this new character? I am very, very, very disappointed.....

I know for a fact mine could be better than the predictably innocent and dreary character Singularity.


Which One Do You Prefer? Singularity or Star?


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