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For all of you Neighbors fans, you're in luck! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal is moving forward with a sequel to the highly successful comedy from last year. Earning a whopping $268 million on a small $18 million dollar budget, it's absolutely no wonder that they are coming at us with sequel. With numbers like that, it was inevitable!

According to the report, Universal will give the film a wide release on May 13, 2016.

The first film revolved around a couple (Seth Rogan, Rose Byrne) who are forced to live next to a Frat house after the birth of their new baby. To me, a film like [Neighbors](movie:401406) is comparable to something like 21 Jump Street, because these two films are in the same category of comedy. Hopefully, the sequel they make will live up to the success and hilarity of the first one in a similar way that 22 Jump Street did to its predecessor.

This is exciting news, if handled properly and in the same vein as the first one. If not, then it could turn into a mess. But, I trust Rogan and his team explicitly. Their track record tells me that this film will be hilarious. Hopefully they prove me right.


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