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Great news guys! Neighbors 2 is happening! According to Hollywood Reporter, Efron and Rogen have agreed to star together again in a sequel to the hilarious Neighbors! Rose Byrne will also be returning according to reports. Which is awesome because she was my favorite character in the first Neighbors. She really made the movie in my opinion.

Word is, Rogen and Byrne are having trouble with a whole new fraternity that has moved in next door. This one is a girls fraternity. So they recruit Efron to come help them out with all the shenanigans happening next door. I am totally game for this idea. As long as they get an awesome comedic cast to join! Problem is they need to be relatively young comedic actresses in Hollywood. Here are some of my top picks!

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is awesome! And she would be perfect for Neighbors 2. She has proven to be funny in such films as Pitch Pefect and 50/50, along with Drinking Buddies and Happy Christmas. She would be the leader of the pack of girls in this fraternity if it were up to me. Think Efron's part in the first film. That is Anna Kendrick.

Amy Schumer

This one is tough. Amy Schumer is seriously one of the funniest women on the planet. But she may just look a little to old for the part. I could be wrong and I hope I am because I have been waiting for her to breakout in film for awhile. We will finally see her headline Trainwreck this summer, directed by Judd Apatow. Let's keep it rolling and get her in this film. Even if she can't be a sorority sister, maybe the cool young sorority house mother?

Rebel Wilson

I know, I know, I am not trying to put a bunch of Pitch Perfect characters on this list, but Kendrick and Wilson are just to perfect not to cast in this film. Even though Wilson annoys me about 50% of the time she is on screen, she is one funny ass chick! Sign her up please!

Emma Roberts

Oh yes. Emma Roberts. Great young actress and she proved some good comedic chops in Were The Millers. Loved her in American Horror Story and Scream 4 as well. She'd be a great talent to add to the cast.

Emma Watson

Uhhh yeah! Emma Watson in anything is great! Get her on board! Her short but hilarious bit in This Is The End was one of the greatest things about the movie!

Emma Stone

My list of Emma's is complete. Do I really need to explain why Emma Stone needs to be in this movie? Of course not she's brilliant.

So what do you guys think are you excited for Neighbors 2? Who else would you suggest in Hollywood to lead the female fraternity? Let me know the comments below!


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