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Critics tell you what's broken. Fans tell you what works. I'm a movie fan.
John Carter

No I’m not a troll; I am a Jedi, and the first line of the Jedi Code is “There is no emotion, there is peace.” Well, Star Wars has not brought me peace in a long time. Based on our last three outings (the prequels) it really has been like an abusive relationship. I keep hoping the promises will come true, but I find myself searching for reasons (lies) to stay in a one-sided relationship. I put the time and effort in, but there is no reciprocation. I want to like it. With all my heart I want Episode 7 to sweep me off my feet and carry me off into the sunset. But I'm just not ready yet.

Now a new director has come along, and he claims he can win my heart back. And if I am completely honest I must admit that I believe in J.J. But that is not enough, and the 1-minute teaser is not enough either. The Phantom Menace had some truly epic trailers, but it was packed with lies and shallow emotion. Once I left the theater I was just confused…not sure how to feel.

Well I won’t be deceived so easily again. Maybe Episode 7 will be the greatest movie ever, but I have to temper my emotions with reality. I have to gird hope with wisdom. There are plenty of reasons to hope, but I advise you not to allow hope to give birth to zeal before its time. Let J.J. do the work. Let him come to you. All the roses and chocolate in the world cannot hide a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Keep your senses about you.

The force is with you… always.


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