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Batman vs. Superman trailer rumors have been crawling over the web, and making people damn crazy, including me. Would it kill them to just release the damn trailer?!

Anyway, if you had an awesome childhood, and by that I mean if you were lucky enough to witness Cartoon Network in its prime (let's admit it, it sucks now), you sure do remember those cartoons. Most favorites of which were Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series.

These two iconic DC heroes were voiced by two great voice-actors, Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly. They have played these characters for nearly two decades. And to be honest, whenever we read the comics, we read it in their voice.

So, how about seeing our childhood heroes fight on-screen?

Tim Daly, made this video for his web-series, The Daly Show, which he stars in with his son, Sam Daly. The video is aptly titled Batman vs. Superman.

I will say no more, check it out yourself! Let the nostalgia rain on you.

Two decades later, and they have become the characters they used to play.

I think Kevin Conroy, who is around 60 years of age, can play an older Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond film. I mean, look at this !

For us, you always will be.
For us, you always will be.


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