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The Merc with the Mouth. The Regenerating Degenerate. All synonyms for the loud-mouthed mercenary we all know and love: Deadpool. Since his first appearance in 1990, the crimson-clad killer has developed a cult following for his unique and outrageous attitude, breaking of the fourth wall, and, of course, his non-stop talk, to his friends and enemies.

So far, Deadpool has only had one appearance in a major motion picture; X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in a portrayal that is often criticized and even hated for the way he was portrayed. However, Deadpool is getting a second chance at the limelight, with his own film slated to come out in just over a year, on February 12, 2016. Currently, Ryan Reynolds is set to portray the famous mercenary with Tim Miller in the director's chair, but this is all we really know at this point.

The one fact that has yet to be determined, however, is likely the most controversial among fans: what the film's rating will be. For months now, from the producers at Fox and from Ryan Reynolds himself, we have heard several statements about the film's expected rating, and the only thing that both seem to agree upon is that it will be rated either PG-13 or R.

But which is right for Deadpool?

I am of the opinion that, if done correctly, Deadpool could hold either rating.

PG-13: Why it could work

The kind of words that strike fear into your enemy.
The kind of words that strike fear into your enemy.

Let's start with the more common rating. It would have to be done very carefully, but Deadpool could hold a PG-13 rating if done right. I look to shows like Archer and Robot Chicken. Both shows have their fair share of swearing but both are done tastefully through the use of the classic bleep sound we have all heard. In some ways, it is even funnier to imagine what some of the characters might be saying beneath those high-pitched tones.

Anyone who's seen this, you know what I mean.
Anyone who's seen this, you know what I mean.

If you watch the above scene from Archer, the swearing may not be present, but the comedy is still there because we're all trying to think of what she might be saying beneath the constant *beep* tone. Imagine Deadpool swinging into battle against a group of bad guys, being shot, stabbed, or blown up, and only hearing his angry swearing in beeps!

Also, the PG-13 rating could open up the viewership to a much larger percentage of the country, and introduce many new people to Deadpool's already massive fan base. This could also make it better for a younger audience who want a new superhero who is also insanely funny (see what I did there?).

R: Why it could also work

There is one thing that an R-rating could accomplish that a PG-13 rating couldn't even come close to: Deadpool's crazy level of over-the-top violence.

Yeah, this wouldn't work in PG-13.
Yeah, this wouldn't work in PG-13.

Deadpool, besides his loud mouth, is known for his incredible skill in hand-to-hand and ranged combat. He carves enemies to pieces with his twin katanas, mows them down with dual SMGs and pistols, and, on several occasions, is almost completely destroyed in battle by something horribly, and comedically, violent (Note: see above image). The sheer buckets of blood that this movie could possibly produce would drown an Orca whale, and still have enough to fill the rest of Sea World. Yes, sadly, if the Deadpool movie received a PG-13 rating, this is something we would probably not see.

The Verdict

Which is better? Who can say? PG-13 could work with the swearing and the decreased violence, but an ultra-violent and unrestricted R-rating is something we would all like to see. But, whatever happens, let's agree on one thing:

Deadpool is freaking awesome.

Hola! Me llamo piscina de la muerta!
Hola! Me llamo piscina de la muerta!

Any thoughts? What rating would you prefer? Sound off in the comments below!


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