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With the "Fifty Shades of Grey" premiere less then a week away, it's starting to become the hot topic of discussion. However, some people are not as elated for movie's debut as others. Recently, the National Center of Sexual Exploitation has taken it upon themselves to boycott the film, stating that it "glamorizes sexual violence". Other groups, such as and the London Abused Women Centre, have also taken the Center's example and have also made a stance to boycotting the film as well as posting about their boycott on social media.

Although the question is, why is this happening now? The book series has been out for almost five years. We have known about the book being turned into a movie for about three years, so why the sudden hostility towards the series? Also, if you are trying to defend against something, you should be accurate with your propaganda. Where as the scenes quoted in the boycotts are taken out of context. For instance, the scene in which Christian threatens to gag Ana if she didn't stay quite was due to the fact that Kate, Ana's friend/roommate, was in the apartment and Christian didn't want her walking in on them. And the reason Ana had said no to Christian was because he was about to take her sneakers off, and she'd had just gone for a run. Of course she didn't want her boyfriend smelling her sweaty feet (Pg 192). Once again, people would like to judge a book by it's cover or the subject the book is based upon, rather then actually take the time to read it. Also, when a person is in an abusive relationship, they generally do not wish to be hit. However, in Christian and Ana's case, everything Christian did to Ana was completely consensual and she was willing to do it.

The bottom line is that in Fifty Shades of Grey, nothing is being done to this young woman that she did not consent to or verbally asked to be done to her, so it is not the general definition of "abuse". And the fact that people would want to pervert something into something that is so far from it's actual concept is both sad a pathetic.


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