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When it comes to the world of animation, it's a given that the folks who bring the characters to life won't look like their animated counterpart. While seeing the difference is always fun, it's also a distinct reminder that voice over artists are often blessed with a wide vocal range, and the ability to make lines on paper come to life in such vibrant ways is not easy to obtain.

Cartoon Network boasts a long history of classic voice actors: no matter when you grew up, these voices (such as Fred Flintstone and Bugs Bunny) are iconic enough to recognize. Here are a few of Cartoon Network's most recognizable, but unrecognizable voice actors!

Scott Menville - Robin, Teen Titans

One of Scott Menville's most popular roles to date has got to be his multiple turns as Dick Grayson, A.K.A. Robin. One of his most recognizable performances as Robin was in the hit series, Teen Titans, though he has reprised the roles in various shows and video games. While Menville may not be a thin teenage boy with hair, he is hilarious and an incredible actor. Along with Robin, you might recognize him as the voice of Bucky Barnes in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Ma-Ti from Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Olivia Olsen - Marceline from Adventure Time

While she isn't an ominous pale blue like the Vampire Queen, Olivia Olsen brings Marceline to life in both character and voice in [Adventure Time](series:2327876). She's best known for this role, but also showed off her pipes as Joanna in Love, Actually.

Samurai Jack - Phil Lamarr

Phil Lamarr is one of those voices that you simply know. While he's had several onscreen roles, Lamarr is best known for providing the voice of Hermes Conrad (plus countless other characters) on [Futurama](series:200475), Bail Organa in both [Star Wars Rebels](series:965946) and [Star Wars: The Clone Wars](series:200641), as well as providing the cool and collected words of Samurai Jack himself.

Tara Strong - Ben Tennyson from Ben 10

While Tara Strong is better known as the current voice of Harley Quinn, and My Little Pony's Twilight Sparkle, the actress has had many roles as a young boy. Women are often cast in these roles when the scripts are too advanced to cast actual children, but sometimes it's just a creative decision - and for a young Ben, it was perfect. When it came time for Ben to get older, the role went to Yuri Lowenthal.

Benjamin Diskin - Numbah One from Codename: Kids Next Door

Along with the leader of Sector V, Benjamin Diskin played his own best friend as Numbah Two in the series. Diskin is on the younger side, but has a long resume of iconic voices already, including Sai from Naruto Shippuden and Stitch from Disney's 2009 Stitch! animated series.

Janet Varney - Korra from The Legend of Korra

Janet Varney made her latest mark on pop culture as Avatar Korra in [The Legend of Korra](movie:1028685), which ended last year, but has had her hands in the comedy scene for years longer than that. She's known well for hosting TBS' Dinner and a Movie, and is the co-founder, creative director and producer of SF Sketchfest.

Jeff Bennett - Johnny Bravo

Everyone's favorite meathead is voiced by none other than the legendary Jeff Bennet, who you might also recognize as the terrifying Darth Revan from Star Wars: The Old Republic or the "flyer", Petrie, from The Land Before Time. Bennett's is a voice that you'll notice anywhere, as he commonly takes on several roles at once on the projects he's involved in - his IMDB can barely contain all of his roles!

Are any of these voice actors along your favorites - and who is your favorite of all time? Let me know in the comments below!


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