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This comic has been out for a while now, but i just started reading it recently.

Well lets get this started.

Deadpool Vs Carnage is the 2nd Deadpool comic i have read. (the other being Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe) But i Have good idea on who deadpool is. By reading these two comics and playing the deadpool video game, watching the animated movies and shows, i know deadpool is the crazy awesome merc with the mouth we all know and love <3.

Now this comic starts off with the front page of the Daily Bugle. It basically states Carnage is stopped once again and Cletus Kasady is behind bars once again. but not for long.......

Carnage is yet again free and on a killing spree! Deadpool is just watching tv on his department. Breaking news hits wades TV, the reporter talks about the recent Carnage killing spree and the TV pretty much tells Wade to go after him.. (you have to read the comic to understand)

Now begins Wade's Journey to hunt down carnage. The comic is filled with epic fights, jokes, and all out a great deapool comic. If you love the merc with a mouth, then you should love this comic!.

There is also this one thing that's very freaking EPIC!!


Deadpool Symbiote...

Yes you read that right..

At the end of issue #3 of the series, Wade fights carnage in a secret facility that stores symbiotes. Unfortunately for wade he lost this fight and gets cut limb from limb. As carnage leaves claiming his victory, 4 different symbiotes that broke out and combined themselves with Deadpool turning him into Symbiote Deadpool with 4 different types of symbiotes!!!!!! THAT'S SUPER EPIC

This is one of my favorite comics next to Old man Logan, which i might review at a later time. If your a deadpool fan and dont have this comic, WHAT THE f&@K IS WRONG WITH YOU! GO AND BUY IT NOW


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