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Marvel's probably on cloud freaking 9 right now because of the roll of success they' re on. So far, Marvel Studios has released 10 feature films and all of them have been generally well-received by audiences, especially the last two. However, with the winning streak that these guys are on, I keep asking myself one question... "When will they release their first bomb feature"? I keep asking myself this because even though I love all the Marvel movies, even the Iron Man sequels, Marvel Studios will eventually make a dud. Some say it will be Ant-Man, some say it will be Civil War, and some say it already happened with Iron Man 2. However, even though I cannot wait for Age of Ultron to be released, I can't help but think that the movie might fail in a number of ways. Here's number one...

1. The Hulk will pull a "Hawkeye" from the first Avengers movie

Remember Hawkeye from the first movie, where he was under Loki's power for like half the movie. Even Jeremy Renner, the actor portraying Hawkeye, hated the treatment his character got in the first Avengers and it looks like they might be giving Hulk the same treatment in Age of Ultron. If you look closely at the latest trailer from the movie, you can see for a second that Hulk's eyes are slightly red. This suggests that Scarlet Witch will take control of Hulk's mind to have him turn against the other Avengers. It wasn't really well received that Hawkeye was basically a bad guy for most of the first film and I don't think it'll be smiled upon this movie.

2. Ultron might be a bit of a letdown

While I cannot wait to see Ultron on the big screen, I have this itch on the back of my head that keeps on reminding me that Marvel Studios constantly gives us underwhelming villains. As I write this, I cannot remember at all what Malekith's plot was in "The Dark World", I can barely remember what his voice sounded like. Although, this is probably due to the fact that Loki stole most of his spotlight. Whiplash, Mandarin and Abomination are other examples that Marvel can sometimes give us below average villains.

This could be due to not enough screen time, too hyped up or Marvel trying to be original and mixing up the origin story a bit. Also, we know that this movie isn't actually following the real story of "Age of Ultron" from the comics. So there's a chance they might change something drastic in the storyline for Ultron. While Ultron looks totally bad-ass in the trailers, I would rather not get my hopes up too much... That's how Iron Man 3 hurt me so much.

3. Might not be enough Baron Von Strucker or Vision in the movie

One the things I' am most excited for in the movie is that Thomas Kretschmann is playing Baron von Strucker. Kretschmann is highly under-rated actor and to see him in the role of one of the Avengers' most iconic villains. However, the one thing I'm not seeing in any of the trailers is Strucker himself. We saw him in "Captain America: Winter Soldier" briefly in a cameo but I can't help but want more. I don't know what Marvel Studio has planned for this villain but hopefully they don't just under use him and then kill him off or something.

The Vision is another character that we seeing very little of in the trailers. I don't know if they're holding him for a big reveal or something but it makes me think that we won't see Vision until the last 30 or 40 minutes of the movie.


What do think will be the biggest letdown in Age of Ultron?


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