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Its been almost a year since How I Met Your Mother ended and i recently just finished watching it and i just got to say: i loved it! I know alot of people compare it with friends, but in my personal opinion How I Met Your Mother is totally different, and well i got pretty nostalgic when it finished so know i decided to make this article about the 10 best moments of how i met your mother!

1- Ted meets robin

In the pilot of the series he meets robin in MacLaren’s bar, this scene is important cause ted instantly falls in love with her and he even steals a blue french horn for her! but he screws it by saying "i love you" in the first date, oh ted!

2- Barney's suit song

when i first saw this part of the episode i couldnt stop laughing! in my personal opinion i think that Barney stinson is one of the best tv characters, he is awesome! and this video proves it!

3- Barney's intro

hilarious! and awesome, i loved this part, i just couldnt stop laughing

4- The slapbet

it was legen- wait for it- dary! legendary! obviously the best moments of the show since the slapbet started i couldnt wait to see the rest of the slaps it was amazing!

5- Marshall and lily get married

by barney
by barney

one of my favorite chapters of the show, cause this also happen...


6- Lets go to the mall!

Yep, Robins dark past as Robin Sparkles, and her single lets go to the mall!

7- Barney and his awesome video

Damn! cant get the song out of my head jajaja

8- the naked man

a classic!

9- barney becomes a father

one of the sweetest moments of the show, who would have thought that Barney Stinson, the creator of the playbook, the bro-code and other awesome stuff would end up being a father? just amazing congrats to the writers!

10- Ted finally meets "the one"


The moment that all fans were waiting since the beginning of the show, finally ted met tracy "the one" that he has been looking for, after all the bad girlfriends, the pineapple incident, the naked man, the fight with the goat, after all that he ended up with her, so romantic.

So i hope you liked this post, and if you have other favourite [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728) moments, comment below!


so did you like HIMYM?


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