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Critics tell you what's broken. Fans tell you what works. I'm a movie fan.
John Carter

The MCU is a franchise I can grow old with. The relationship we share is built not just on excitement and emotional highs, but also on trust, respect, and consistency. Too many other film franchises have let me down, but still I return to them time and time again only to be wounded even deeper than before. I remember the good times we had long ago, and I allow the memories to cloud my judgment. Reason goes out the door, and I find myself stuck in an abusive relationship with Transformers 4 and G.I.Joe 2 wondering “how did I let it go this far?”

But not my Marvel. No, Marvel knows how to treat a girl right… Ok, I digress.

Age of Ultron will be the 11th film in the MCU and it is sure to be incredible. Why? Marvel has an unprecedented track record. From Iron Man 1 they have put out fantastic films one after the other. But the franchise really took off with The Avengers. Everything changed after that movie. Sequels that came out after The Avengers doubled the gross income of their predecessors (imagine what it will look like if Age of Ultron grabbed onto some of that momentum.) The team up flick changed the future of superhero films forever. Every film that followed the first Avengers film has been amazing. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier amazed the entire world with a heart felt story of lost friendship and broken faith. The massive action sequences and intimate hand-to-hand fighting was nothing short of jaw dropping.

Then Guardians of the Galaxy won over even the most skeptical of movie fans. With the rugged and vulgar raccoon you couldn’t help but love to death, the ominous yet adorable talking tree, and Chris Pratt… yeah… Chris Pratt. This movie delicately plucked every last one of my heartstrings. *sigh*

Now we come to the next Avengers outing. For me MCU is my team, and the Avengers is the Super Bowl. I’ve got my pom poms, my body paint, and my season tickets ready. Just turn me loose! This film is sure to deliver on every level (except Batman… I’m pretty sure Batman won’t make an appearance.) These movies continue to exceed my highest expectations, and there is no reason to suspect Age of Ultron will be any different. I am ready! I am Iron Man! I AM GROOT!!!!!

My predictions:

1. $225 opening weekend US

2. $2 billion worldwide gross

3. Say goodbye to the Hulk…they are shooting him into space. What? You think Kevin Feige announced ALL of the Marvel movies coming out between now and 2018? Yeah right. (And WB isn’t planning on making a solo Batman or Superman film either.)


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