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Justice has a number
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One of the biggest plot holes in this movie that Brad Dexter's character Harry Luck from The Magnificent Seven theorizes that there is Spanish Gold in the mountains and Eli Wallach's Calvara always comes around to bully, steal and eventually kill the villagers in the way.

Earlier in the film Harry hears about Yul Brynner's Character Chris hiring people to go stop this. And to hire people gives out...... money.

The gold is only mentioned twice in the film, once during building new walls "To keep Calvara in" Harry mentions about the gold and the farmers try to change the subject.

You can see when The Seven finally confront Calvara he is nervous not about if he has "Food for the winter," but if these men are hear for the gold.

After this fight and the ambush Harry brings up the gold again and even questions about it. The farmers still have no idea of what he's talking about.

Now who is Calvara really? Was he a villager who was banished for something and is pissed off at all the farmers and has this gang to help him out, or is the gold his birthright?

My theory is that Calvara was banished but before him Calvara's great ancestors were Aztecs who came with gold and buried it in those farmers hills. As time goes by his ancestor forgets where the gold is and has his entire bloodline find the gold till there deaths. Leading to Calvara, Calvara was a villager until he did a crime of something unknown. He is banished, comes to a bad part of Mexico, gets his men, and comes back to town to bully and pillage his home town while his other men are searching for the gold. For example when that little boy comes into town saying there are spy's Britt, Lee and Chico go and investigate. while they wait three bandits come up and are killed by Britt and Chico. Why were they up there? To keep looking for the gold, the whole movie want's us to think that Calvara is a bully and notorious killer and he is but he is trying to look for is birthright.

Like his ancestor and ancestors before him they all died.....

Not ever knowing or finding where the gold was.


Was there any Gold?

So lets Review of what we Learned:

The movie taught us that Calvara was the main villain but the theory teaches us that he was a protector

There were Five men who died that day, three of them died as saviors of the city, two of them died fools.

Most of them did die for the village but they died for something else

5) Britt

Died for character, he couldn't stand someone else forcing to run away from a fight.

"No one drops my gun and says run, nobody!"

4) (O)Riley

Died for love, not romantic love but he was the father figure to those three boys and he sacrificed himself to get away from the fight. He knew he died a coward but to them he died a hero.

Watch this 'Inspirational' Charles Bronson Clip

3) Lee

Died for courage, the clothes may seem to make him look all fancy but inside he faces his own demons from all the men he's killed in the past but goes down in a blaze of glory.

"Men you step aside for-none-enemies none."

2) Calvara

Died for birth-rite he did bully the villagers till death to the point of the seven's involvement. We learned from the movie that he is the MAIN villain but was the Anti-Hero but the real villain is one of the seven.

1) Harry

Died for Entitlement, a legend and gold. What he did wrong: He backed out on the seven, then he came back at the last second thinking he could still find the gold. He may have been killed by those two bandits but what really killed him was the thought, the legend of Aztec Treasure that may or may have not even existed.


Whose the Real Villian

The Magnificent Seven is all time my favorite movies of all time. Thank you for reading my very first post! "Seven's always been my favorite number." To keep everything M.7 related follow me, and give feedback to this and other posts in the future!


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