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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

This fight has been going on for a long time a fight since the dawn of mankind (pathetically speaking) a fight,a race between these 2 speedsters from both Marvel and the DC universe. A fight so bad that people are asking who is faster and who is better.

The Flash from DC vs Quicksilver from Marvel the top 2 speedsters from both universes, and the fight ends today we'll see who wins.

The Flash (Barry Allen

Barry Allen is an ordinary forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department (CCPD) who has a reputation for being very slow, deliberate, and frequently late, which frustrated his fiancée, Iris West. One night, as Barry was preparing to leave work, a lightning bolt had shattered a case full of chemicals and spilled them all over Allen giving him a chemical bath that had granted him his abilities to run faster than the speed of light. Later the next day Allen found that he could run extremely fast and had matching reflexes. He then made himself a set of red tights sporting with a lightning bolt in the middle. Then he called himself The Flash (after his childhood hero, Jay Garrick), and became a crimefighter active in Central City. In order for Barry to easily put on his Flash suit he stores it in a piece of ring with The Flash's logo on it via the use of a special gas that could compress cloth fibres to a very small fraction of their normal size.

Abilities are

  • Super speed - Barry can run faster than the speed of light and can break the time barrier
  • Speed reading - With Barry's speed he is also granted with the ability to read fast so if you had a 600 paged novel Barry can finish reading it in 10 seconds although Barry can speed read the memories of what he read can't be stored for long
  • Think and react fast - Not only can Barry run faster than the speed of light he can also think at light speeds and react at light speeds
  • Vibration - With Barry's speed it also grants him the ability to vibrate his molecules through solid material
  • Time travel - Like I said Barry can break the time barrier and time travel
  • Speedforce - Barry can also lend and borrow speed of other speedsters via speedforce the thing that allows Barry to run fast and if there's to many speedsters all of them won't be able to run fast anymore due to so many people using the speedforce
  • Fast heal - Speedsters can heal more rapidly than the average human.


  • Human limitation - Flash isn't particularly strong. He can be killed very easily if he is not controlling his vibrations to pass through bullets or other weapons. He can tire and needs to eat a lot due to his extreme metabolism.
  • Environment - Flash is susceptible to the environment. He is capable of being tripped or loss of friction such as ice. He can be taken out by
  • Ambush - Flash is taken out very easily if ambushed and caught off guard.
  • Inexperience with Time Travel - Although Barry can time travel he still can't control his powers when time travelling he tried to save his mother without ruining the timestream but he did.


Quicksilver first appears with his twin sister, the Scarlet Witch, as a part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The siblings are mutants and they are the son and daughter of the mean bad ass metal controlling mutant Magneto, with Pietro possessing superhuman speed and Wanda able to control probability. The pair are recruited by their father Magneto after he saves Wanda from a mob after she accidentally causes a house to burst into fire. Quicksilver stays with her to protect her. After they were confronted by the X-Men several times, they depart when Magneto and the Toad were abducted by the cosmic entity the Stranger. Then they travel back to Europe. As Pietro and his sister reform they are recruited by Iron Man to the superhero team the Avengers, after they discover they are advertising for new members and want to get support for themselves.

Abilities are

  • Super speed - Also like The Flash, Quicksilver also runs fast just not at the speed of light but the speed of sound but that was until the exposure to the High Evolutionary's Isotope E made it possible for the character to run at supersonic speeds.
  • Effect resistance - Quicksilver is also capable of resisting the effects of friction, reduced oxygen, and kinetic impact while moving at super-speeds.
  • Speed effects - Quicksilver's speed allows him to perform feats such as create cyclone-strength winds,run up walls, and cross bodies of water.
  • Terrigen Mist - Quicksilver loses his powers of speed when his sister alters reality, but gains new powers courtesy of the Inhumans' Terrigen Mist. The mist gives Quicksilver the ability to displace himself out of mainstream time and space and "jump" into the future.
  • Duplicating - Quicksilver can also summon several time-displaced duplicates of himself and appear to teleport by "jumping" into the future and then returning to the present at a new location.
  • Quick intellect - Pietro is able to think at great speeds, contrary to his impulsiveness. Because Quicksilver has a high speed of perception, telepaths often have difficulty using their abilities against him.
  • Skilled combatant - He has been trained in martial arts and other forms of combat by Captain America making him an excellent fighter.


  • Mentality - Pietro, along with his sisters, appears to have inherited his father's propensity for mental illness and depression. Pietro has undergone mental breakdowns, episodes of mental illness, and severe depression.
  • Scarlet Witch - Scarlet Witch is someone with mystical powers therefore she would be able to use her powers against Quicksilver.
  • Human - Quicksilver is also just as human as The Flash is so that being said he can still be killed
  • No healing - Unlike The Flash who can heal fast Quicksilver can't heal fast

Winner is...

Its a tie!

Why a tie because both of them are fast both of them have different abilities for speedsters sure The Flash can run at the speed of light or faster and Quicksilver is only at the speed of sound but due to the High Evolutionary's Isotope E Quicksilver is granted with the ability to run at supersonic speeds so in this case faster than the speed of sound and Quicksilver can duplicate himself from various times, despite The Flash being fast and all he can think and react fast so in this case Quicksilver can't outsmart The Flash because he's thinking fast and plus The Flash needs to run to break the time barrier and time travel but Quicksilver doesn't have to because he can jump to the future also The Flash needs to eat a lot due to his metabolism Quicksilver is a skilled combatant and The Flash is faster its a tie one is faster one is better.


Who do you think would win?


What should the next Marvel vs DC be?


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