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The Good -- The Wachowskis have pulled off another awesome piece of work. The graphics are beyond amazing. There is explosions, firefights, hand to hand combat, romance and betrayal on different planets. Tatum brings an "A" performance and for the ladies who love him, he spends half the movie with his shirt off.

Follow Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum as they fight to save our planet from extinction. A rivalry breaks out Kunis is found to be royalty, who just happens to "own" Earth and it's contents. A confused Kunis does everything she can to understand the situation and Tatum does everything he can to keep her alive. Follow Kunis and Tatum as you traverse the universe, dive deep into Jupiter's big red spot, and be on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The Bad -- It felt like they tried to fit too much story into one movie. It felt like there was too much action and not enough story. You're thrown, into what feels like, the middle of the story and don't understand the dynamic of the story until close to the end, and even then I'm not 100% sure i fully understood what was going on. At this point, one could only hope, they fix this problem in a sequel, if i sequel were even to get made.

The ugly -- I honestly feel they should have found someone other than Mila Kunis for the female lead. All throughout the movie, it felt like Kunis' heart just wasn't in it. It felt like her performance fell flat. Though like so many sequels in the past, we can only hope they remedy this problem were they to make a sequel.

All in all the movie was ok, but unfortunately not worth seeing in theaters. It was over hyped, though that is partly because it was supposed to be released Summer of 2014 but Warner Bros yanked it from their summer premier and pushed it back 6 months. If a sequel is made, hopefully they'll learn from the mistakes they made in this one and the sequel will out do the original.


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