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Michael Elkins

Webisodes,Webisodes, where are the Webisodes? Seriously, The Walking Dead is my top Favorite show to watch. I love many others but I would pass them over to watch an episodes of The Walking Dead. During the first hiatus between Season 1 and Season 2, I discovered the Webisodes on the AMC website. An on going back story, side story kind of thing? Great! Even if it was only a few minutes long, its still filled some of that void. So far, there have been three sets in 5 seasons and that just won't do. First Webisode, Torn Apart, is my favorite because we not only see a little about the beginnings of the disaster but we also get to see where bicycle girl actually came from. The weird dynamic between Hannah and the new wife was awkwardly funny but the dialogue between Andrew and his neighbor was priceless. “I never did like you, ‘til now.” Then, watching Hannah with her kids, listening to the announcement of evacuation pick ups and knowing that something awful was about to happen. Seriously, though, why was there a walker in the back of a classic Mustang? Who was he? We’ll never know. Watch the whole thing here.

Cold Storage brings a new kind of creepy to the The Walking Dead universe. The concept of someone taking advantage of a situation in order to put another person in that kind of misery is beyond savage. Chase, our new hero, is trying to catch up with a convoy getting out of Dodge but he runs into too many walkers and loses his partner then winds up in a storage facility that holds a lot more than we know. Nice touch with all of Rick’s stuff there. We don’t know why it’s there but we don’t ask too many questions. But, hey, why was all of Rick’s stuff there? Was Lori giving up on Rick surviving the coma or was she just getting ready to kick him out? Anyway, Chase and his new friend, B.J. are going to get the gennies fixed and… What’s that noise from the 3rd floor? Chase seems like a nice enough guy but 5 seasons of TWD have taught us that nice is next to dead. B.J. proves that when Chase does all the heavy lifting. Say hello to your sister, indeed. Fortunately, another thing that TWD has taught us is that dead isn’t always dead. But, he will definitely need some Purelle. Chase catches B.J. in an indelicate situation but goes for the mystery instead of the easy kill. Good Chase, but no biscuit. So, Chase makes another new friend and we can see what’s coming. Another thing that we learn from TWD is that, even if you have a gun, don’t turn your back on someone with a machete.

Finally, Season 4, The Oath. Nice premise on a promise. One more thing that TWD teaches is that in a Walker Apocalypse, do not trust a medical professional at first meeting. Determine if they are really crazy first. Paul and Karina meet Dr. Kervorkian and get the predictable treatment. What was a pleasant, though creepy, surprise was the dental treatment Paul gave Karina so they could stay together. And, a gentle good night to our creepy doctor. Maybe. And, a sign of good consistent labeling – “Don’t Open Dead Inside”.
So, Mr. Nicotero, more Webisodes, please. Back story, side story, a broad link to the new spin-off series maybe. I don’t care, I just want to see more.


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