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When i was little we used to live in this really old farm house, i mean really old. Well, all sorts of creepy stuff happened and i guess im gonna share with you guys.

The first time i had ever encountered anything was when i was 4 i was laying in my bed and my room was right next to our attic as i was coloring i heard chains really loudly dragging. Being my curious self i want to see what the hell was going on, i slowly crept out of my room and walked to few steps across the hall. the attic went in a little bit and in front of it was our stair and on the other side of the hall was my sisters room.

I put my hand on the door handle (the chains dragging is still going on) i slowly turned the door handle and i shoved the door open. The chains imminently stopped and i saw a flash of something dark at lighting speed cross the attic.

To say i was scared was in understatement. I ran back to my room slammed my door and got underneath my blankets curling up into a ball trying to go to sleep and block it all out. The next morning i went downstairs before school as i was eating breakfast i told my teddy bear to protect the house while i was gone. I put my shoes on and left the house leaving the teddy bear on the table, and running out to catch the bus with my sister. Both my parents worked full time so most of the time i was at the babysitters or at home with my older sister.

After school i ran inside the house and my teddy bear was gone, so i just figured my parents put it in my room i shrugged it off and ran back outside to play.

When i came in that night i looked in my room for it nothing i asked my parents and said they hadn't been home and till this day i have no clue where it went.

*Skip ahead a couple years*

Well one day i was walking down our basement steps (creepiest place besides the attic) carrying Landry and i was about to step onto the 3rd step i felt something like a shove on my back i stumbled and fell 13 steps it hurt like hell.

I started screaming and crying my babysitter and sister came running and asked what happened of course i lied saying i tripped.

one hospital trip later i was bed ridden for a week and when i came home my parents had put my room down stairs and my parents took their bed up to mine.

In the week i was strictly on rest was the worst week of my life and changed my childhood forever.

The first night i woke up to child laughter, i opened my eyes to see a small girl in like 1800's clothes smiling. Of course i freaked and hid quickly under my blankets and fell back asleep.

the 2nd night i woke up to whispering, i sat up and in the reflection of my tv i could see a tall woman standing in my closet. I stared wide eyed gulping trying not to wet myself from fear. I felt a heavy weight on my chest and something told me in my head to close my eyes and sleep.

the 3rd night i woke up again to laughter but coming from two people on sounded quite boyish while the other was pithy and girly i quickly hid under my covers and closed my eyes. Eventually the laughter stopped and i waited for the sun to rise to get up.

for a couple night everything stopped and i thought it was over or maybe it was all some creepy nightmare or lucid dreaming.

Boy was i wrong...

on the 7th night my last day of bed rest i awoke to the chains again, i shot up and gasped as i saw to small children at the foot of my bed, i couldnt move i was way to afraid. The chains go louder and i heard whispering.

Both of the kids faces stopped smiling and turned into plain fearful looks, they both raised their hands pointing up to the ceiling, and in sync the both whispered "Make him stop" and faded away.

I slowly go out of m bed and charged down stairs to my sister room, i woke her and asked her if i could sleep with her. I crawled into bed and fell asleep and tried to block out what happened.

For a long time nothing happened just the laughter everyone in a while and footsteps something i was used to and the kids never seemed they want to hurt me but the woman i saw in my tv had a bad bad vibe.

She made me want to crawl away and hide forever, the chains only happened every once in a while and i blocked it out pretty well.

But that saying "make him stop" still sticks with me till this day and i have never been happier when my parent said we were moving..

But what do you guys think they meant by that? The house was really i have no clue what terrors could have went on all i can say is im happy the house was demolished.


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