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Award winning actress Tracey Birdsall will channel legendary porn star Jenna Jameson in the upcoming Who's Jenna Jameson?

Now filming in New Jersey, the film will feature the former soap star as a dead-on doppelganger for Jameson.

In the film, Jonathan Burke, a highly successful financial adviser, falls for Birdsall's character Jenna, an inspiring lawyer. Unfortunately for Jonathan, his best friend thinks she looks exactly like the adult film star, Jenna Jameson, and is on a mission to prove it.

Who's Jenna Jameson? is directed by Tom Baldinger, and teams Birdsall with a terrific cast of indie movie vets including Bill Sorvino (The Trouble with Cali) and Jen Jacob (Two Sides of Love).

We'll let you know of a release date when we hear it!

Tracey Birdsall
Tracey Birdsall

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